Getting into recovery mode of Lava iris X5

How to start LAVA iris X5 in recovery ROM?

Lava iris X5 recovery mode was little tricky to get into. After little efforts I figured it out.

What was confusing ?

First power off the phone, holding power button and then holding volume up button was taking it into single option Fast boot2.
And unlike other phones I need to hold the power key for 5 seconds and hold  the volume up key.
This did not work as it was taking into Fastboot2 which was boot loader.

What really worked, So the real solution is :

Power off the phone then you need to hold the power button and as soon as you feel the vibration hold the volume down key and here you go to Recovery rom/recovery mode of Lava iris X5 smartphone.

Select options using volume key and select carefully it can wipe all data or brick your phone.

If you do not understand what you are doing simply take out the battery and restart.

Hopefully my post help you with your objective.

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