Finally I Rooted my Android! - Guide to root your device.

Important: Doing Rooting may brick your phone and may cause other problems with functionality. If you made your mind to do it then do it on your own risk.

This method worked for me on multiple phone. Checked in XDA forum too, they recommend it in their forum postings.


As in my last post as I was afraid about Rooting and I had left it for future, here I did the rooting today.

How I did is very simple, but before telling you that just click on this link to see the past discussion so that we will not be wasting our time repeating same stuff again and again!


I suggest you Iroot or kingroot, you can download it from their official website or, they both are identical. 
Note here: My browser Google Chrome is not recommending 

You will be able to see two options
Download Android version - it is Apk
Download Windows version - it is for PC.

First try APK version, in my case it was unsuccessful, it was going up to 80℅ then error, hence I tried PC version it was just one click solution.

But before that one click, I had to arrange mini USB to USB cable which is in most cases you have in chargers you just have to unplug from the charger, rare cases can buy it or borrow it from someone. And enable USB debugging mode.

So here I downloaded the iroot version for my PC.

It was RAR zip(you need unziper for this for example winzip or winrar) file hence extracted it to my drive.


Now I am going to install it:
Installation Steps followed: 
  • Windows system command box asked: do you want to run this, I selected yes. 
  • Followed instructoin, to select location to install and create shortcuts. 
  • Some important instruction it shows, read it and clicked on next. instruction says their official sites are:
  1. Forum:
  2. iRoot Official Webiste: 

Now I am going to run it, so at the last screen of installation it says click finish and has option to launch it so launching it from here: 


I see it's launching for first time now: 

Now lets connect the phone with the PC in USB debugging mode enable: 


People who knows how to enable USB debugging mode, great! I appreciate their knowledge.
Rest you are going to learn it today so I will appreciate your knowledge after somethime.
To enable USB debugging you have to go to Settings then Developers options of your phone.
If you can't see developers option their that means its hidden, follow this link to know how to unhide it.
If you still don't find it check this site.

Here just put the check next to USB Debugging mode, now run that PC software of kingroot/iroot and then connect USB cable to computer.

It will detect your phone automatically, ask you for your permission and will make you aware about safety and backup to keep your device secure.

Click on root and you are done !

After installing it just remember one thing, it will install three Apllication by default: 
  1. Kingroot
  2. Onecleaner
  3. Roamaster
Keep the Kingroot app and uninstall the two other from Applications settings. 
Now your phone is rooted and you can make good use of it. 

I rooted two phones
1:Alcatel one touch which was Gingerbread.
2.Lava Iris x5 Android 4.4

Both out of warranty.
Did rooting on them, working awesomely smooth never expected such a performance hike!
Remember that this kingroot will install 3 more softwares along with it, if you like you can keep them or uninstall.

Purify is good software install that.
Now that I have rooted my phones I am planning crazy things with it. Will share with you soon.
You will be missing me and my blogs for while as I have some Exams. Need to prepare.

Catch you back around.
Note: I did note find any difficulties that doesn't mean it will go smooth with all Android devices, Do it on your own Risk.

Happy Holi - The festival of colors :D

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