Bloggers planning to move to Wordpress ? Should know some truth

WordPress Vs Blogger


Hello Friends, As you know I am blogger who likes to blog on Android, I made my mind to check out WordPress as many of my fellow bloggers are making amazing blogs using it, and while I was practicing it, I found some truth about WordPress which I would like to share with you. 

Most of the blogger starts up with, who later decide to move to the they should know some truth before moving them self to the WordPress.
Features on WordPress are really luring and anyone can easily get into it if they do not know the ground reality of blogging with WordPress and they will spoil all their hard work what they did in blogger.
So things to remember are:

1: WordPress has space limitations. you can not publish free content more than 3GB.
2: WordPress Plugins will not work until unless you have your purchased self hosted domain.
3: It is not as user friendly as Blogger.
4: You have to rework on all your internal links and permalink to ensure proper working of your website.
5: WordPress will be publishing its advertising on your blog if you are a free platform user, where as Blogger gives you freedom here.
6: It really looks very awesome, existing and it is for sure but for those who paid for it.
7: Google+ comments and share, Analytic, webmaster and other Google friendly features are already enabled in blogger and really very easy to apply.

So if you really want to own a domain and keep your blogging career going, then WordPress is the great option for you, but if you are still not through with good niche stuff and still struggling and want to keep using your free option then I will suggest to hold back with blogger.

Today I had uploaded my contents on WP and was checking it out. Just because I wanted to make my site multilingual with using WP plugins which was really luring as some of the fellow bloggers has suggested that it is really great to have multilingual pages to attract more traffic and it also help increase the posts. I did it but felt betrayed as I was not told by anyone before hand that there is limitation to the free users.

This were the experience I got and made my mind to keep working on blogger!

So for self hosted website for sure you can go with WordPress, and for free I prefer Blogger as it has unlimited space and easy to use.

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