World's Cheapest Smartphone < 5$, With mind blowing specs


Indian Mobile Phone Manufacturer Ringing Bells(samples to media sourced by Adcom, Noida) is ready to launch its series of "Freedom" Mobiles smartphones, they have Announced the world's cheapest Smartphone Just for Rs. 251.

When we convert Rupees into Dollars.
Current 67 rs. = 1$, which indicates this mobile is even cheaper than 5$.

You can buy this smartphone on, they will be starting their pre online booking operations from 18th February 2016 onwards online through the website.

Let's check out phone specifications as reported by


qHD IPS Display, good quality qHD display, for nice visual viewing on 4 inch, (10.2 centimeters) display.


With 3.2 Megapixels and 0.3 megapixel, you can enjoy good quality visual capture on your mobile.


You can enjoy 3G and WiFi connections on this device to connect and enjoy internet.


Bundeled with 1.3ghz quad core processor which enables fast and robust functioning of smartphone.


1GB RAM and 8GB ROM creates awesome storage and faster smoother mobile computing, also supported and expandable by external memory card up to 32 GB.


1450 maHz battery provide you standard standby life and pretty good on offered screen size and can support 32 hours of standby time and 4 hours of talk time in single charge.


Sources says that it will be bundled with Android Lollipop, which is unbelievable on this price tag.

It is definitely a phone which is just like some dream. Just think how much service provider charges for replacing a battery and this phone is even cheaper than ordinary phone's battery.

Honorable minister Mr. Murali Manohar Joshi did inauguration of this awesome phone.

Only one word for


This phone is said to be a rise of "Make in INDIA vision of Indian Prime Minister Honorable Mr. Narendra DamodarDas Modi"

This product is predicted to boost another project of Honorable PM, that is "Digital India".

Last but not the least, this is also going to encourage "Skill India" vision of our PM.

Question Raised in my mind: Can anyone kindly explain what is a manufacturing cost involve in making this mobile ?


Reports says it is impossible to make and rollout this kind of mobile to the market below 2700/- INR.

Other Indian manufacturers already started rolling offers and trying to vacate their expensive stocks.

Through media they have raised the similar concerns in more exaggerated ways, concerns with all is same how come such low price without any subsidy and motive to donate.

Director Mr. Mohit Kumar Goyal and Mr. Ashok Chadda, Authorative board members of this company replied to raised conserns in appropriate way, and said that "This innovative concept of business is going to bring huge revolution".  They also declared : "they are going to start fulfilling orders from month of April 2016 and complete it by 30th June".

May be Ringing Bells have done some plannings and aiming for powerful supportive side income through this product. We hope and wish for thier futuristic plan to get suceeded for good cause.

One of the MP of Maharashtra Kirit Somaiya shows his concerns and stated that he believe it is fraud and sent his complaint it to Department of Telecom DOT.
Mr. Somaiya did investigations and raised concerns:

  • Said costing is impossible.
  • Address submitted in company registration details are either not appropriate and not looking according to company profile.
  • ITR, Audits and other documents are not matching up with what represented for company formation neither company has appropriate fundings to fulfill it's promise.
  • Mr. Somaiya compaired Ringing Bells with Speak Asia fraud scam. And stated he strongly believe its scam.

Indian Cellphone Association also complaint to DOT about disclosure of costing as they also believe 251 INR smartphone is impossible.

Reported by Indian media: 

DOT has started searching for truth behind 251 rupees cellphone.

On first day of booking, Freedom251 took 38000 orders.

Site crashed due to huge number of visitors that is more than 600000 visiters in one seconed, reported that caused problem and site got crashed, Ringing Bells representatives apologize for this and assured that they will resume services within 24 hours.

Update, things are not looking good right now, so beware of it.

Ringing Bells yet not have BIC certificate as a manufacturing company of cellphones, without it they can not start making it, so its like wreck train right now!

Seems like Ringing bells is ringing just more than a bells.

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