Know how Vulcan API helps Samsung S7 save battery!

Kronos's Vulcan API is the key API procedure embedded in Samsung's S7, which enable PC like game experience and save battery power during high end graphic usage, so before discussing  in depth first understand API.

Definition of API-Application Program Interface :
"API is set of functions, procedures, protocols, 
Routine, tools and method of contact and communication for softwares and applications to other softwares and operating system platforms. API defines how software components should interacts with each other."

What Is Vulcan API ?


Vulkan is a latest multi platform graphics and compute API developed by the Khronos consortium. 

The Khronos colobrated its effort to  the computing industry and are jointly created an explicit and predictable API that satisfies the needs of software and applications vendors in fields as varied as game, mobile and workstation development. 

Vulkan's conscious API design enables efficient implementations on platforms that span a wide range of mobile and desktop hardware as well as across operating systems.

It is explained as it will interfere games and high end graphic applications in such way that it will reduce the complexity of processing algorithms used by them and simplify it then send it to Processor/GPU which reduce load and avoid overheating and increase battery life.

Benefit of Vulcan:
  1. Advance 3D Graphic
  2. Faster rendering
  3. Power saving
Samsung is adopting this technology in their upcoming launch S7 and S7 edge, this particular technology definitely going to bring in value to the customers.

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