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Time to play the Game....

In previous page we told you about right way of using the G+, now we are going to explain you about how to use it for your social benefit, as you have started engaging with people start engaging them with your post, try finding out mutual intrest, increase your list of followes and best way is to follow others and they will themselves return you the favor. Check how:

4. Identify and follow maximum people:

Follow maximum number of people with similar intrest, share their ideas and like them in this way you will create trust in long term relationship with fellow members of G+. Everyone is their for pageviews, PR, social scores or hobbies appreciation, understand it and feed them, they will surely googing to feed you back, if they are not already overfeeded.

5. Create categories circle & communicate:
Use circle wisely, the most powerful tool overlooked and misunderstood is "CIRCLE".
If you know how to use it in proper way then G+ is game for you.
Understand the person to follow and create category in circle and divide the people as per their intrest, know send personalized contents to this circles as you may like, consider their intrest ask them to follow. Use it, this is excellent tip for raising followers.

6. Use Hangout linked with your account:

Google has linked up hangout to its services use hangout to start communication with G+ user sharing similar intrest and share your thoughts, ask for ideas to grow, share your thoughts create mutual bonding, this will provide you great exposure to knowledge and brings in new friends.

7. Create your own community:

Once you have trustworthy followers along with you start creating community and be a part of community owned by your circles. Engage now through community. If you reach here things will start happening for you automatically and you will be overfeeded like the one talked about earlier.

G+ is real good platform and it really brings like minded people togther. I liked it enjoyed this IDEA and appreciate Google for making such a useful tool for people like us.

Hats off to you Google.

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