Dual pixel camera Details #Samsung #S7

When Samsung is making such a hype of technology called "Dual Pixel Camera. It is So oblivious many of us would like to know what exactly is this Dual Pixel camera and questions related to it.

So let's check this out.

Dual Pixel Camera ?

Dual pixel camera is smart autofocus technology which is earlier used in DSLR professional cameras, it is not new but its new for smartphone as Samsung is introducing it on their upcoming S7 series Smartphone and I believe that is first time in history of Smartphone.

What is it ?

Sensor embeded with camera dual pixel technology enabled by using 1/2.5 Sony IMX 260 sensor.

How it works ?

This technology while capturing photo extends the diameter of phase focus and enable camera to autofocus more object rather just focusing on one object at the center of screen. Reported that its focus on random objects is great and it captures great images in dull light.

While making videos Autofocus moves along with the focused subject so that it helps make steady and smooth movies.

What is size of camera ?

This new camera is big in its name and features, but it is smaller in frame size, as Samsung has successfully embedded it in Smartphone with occupying just 44mm above the outer surface of phone which is smaller than samsung's earlier lunches recently.

Is it going to help Samsung in improvise it's market?

Dual pixel technology was so far used in Canon, Kodak and Sony's DSLR and mirrorless cameras, which are mostly used in movie making. This technology is going to boost the level of Smartphone photography and going to bring competitive benefits to Samsung.

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