How To Use Twitter to increase Your SOCIAL SCORE ? #Tweeter #socialscore

Will Tweeter help your social score ?


This is a question which has been asked by many social Media enthusiast and newbies.

In this blog post I am going to explain just specifically about Twitter. 

Twitter is a very powerful tool that you can use to cause social influence, more influence than Facebook in my opinion. Reason behind it is that if you closely observe you will find all big leaders, stars and superstar celebrities are on Twitter, their numbers are much more higher in Twitter compared to any other social networks.

Do you know why they are on Twitter and not any other networks ?

Answer is very simple that it is very easy to comment and you can just put your words directly on others page, influence them, debate & engage them with you.

Now let's discuss what's in it for you!

Plan your interest, think what you want to tweet, select proper image for profile and ensure it should be eye catching. Reason for right image is very important, if you observe the number of tweets pop ups in Tweeter is very high and if person is going to scroll he should find some thing of his interest, so the image is a visual which catches eye better then text. 

Another good thing you can do is, you should use good image for your tweet as well. And tag people and followers in the image who have similar interests and great influence.

Use links to make your view refer to more detailed contents of your tweet and ignite their interest to check full details of your tweet.

Always put your efforts to gain follower, it will definitely reflect your power of social influence and will provide you large number of viwership, follow more and more people, send them personalized message and encourage them to follow you. 

OK, now you know how you are going to gain follower, So it is time for making good relationship, try finding followers in your list who have similar interests in regrds with your contents, communicate with them, retweet their tweet and like their tweets, and they will return you the favor, or simply ask them. Just do not do this with any follower, before it study your followers sharing habits and then approaching forward would help. 

Use HASH TAG # in your tweets, they are going to help you tag your tweets to search contains similar words in their by readers, for example #Android will tag your contents to Androi, ReAndroid, Androidnews Androidhelp and more similar to it. Doing this will make your content more easily searchable, now whoever will search for #Android they will be able to see you tweets. Using this trick you will be open to more people and will definitely grow your audience. 

Tweet decent and don't spam, that means your viewers knows your interest, they may or may not have similar interests, but they still like to learn and gain knowledge from you but there would be some saturation time when they will say enough for your monotonous style and retweets, so to avoid this just avoid doing lots of tweet and do it decent between 5 to 8 tweets per day and that's too between decent interval.

Recent surveys shows that: 7AM Eastern Standard Time USA is best time to tweet, weekend are best for maximum views, and my fellow blogger friend told me that she experienced maximum page views on Wednesday morning, so work smart and find which time is best for you.

Keep tweeter application ready on your devices and be ready, alert and responsive to always show your social presence.

Last but not the least, use you 140 words wisely and try eye catchy phrase which should attract more people, remember this 140 letters includes link, hash tag and good attractive description.

This is the best I know about using tweeter, if you know any thing better then this I will appreciate your contribution to it and lots of our viewers would be grateful to you.

Kindly provide your add-on and comments.


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