Dolphin Browser Beta Release: Review, Evaluation, feedback and Wishlist.

First hand user review of Dolphin Browser Beta release of above given version.

Trying and using Android Dolphin browser Beta has been great experience.

First thing first : In beginning I found it irritating as do not know where is menu button on screen but later it has been fun that it has so many features. 

So the question was: Where is that tricky menu button ?

So look at the above image you can see the menu button!

Its at the bottom at center the Dolphin logo.

Opened it and found latest features which are latest.

You can see in above image, you have shortcuts for most offetnly used features, in here I found that Tab Push a new item so lets check it out.

It gave me two options to sync with: Google and Dolphin, correction there is one more option, Facebook original user login.

I tried Google login!


Option synced me with dolphin push tab account, now this feature enabled me to share tab with other synced device having dolphin browser or dolphin extension.

Good hhaan.

Now talk about changing appearance:

Themes again new to me in browsers, good.

Good you too introduced share:

Share is the option found only on google chrome before again thumbs up to it. Which is real good feature as world is going crazy about social media sharing and marketing through share is next big thing.

In here you have share to social media, cloud storage and emails as a options from different service providers.

Rest are the common options in first page.

Now get into Settings main showcase of Dolphin browser

Had never imagined gestures and sonar would be options to control browser & not just few but lots of options.

Create shortcut gestures for most used website just use your easy gesture.

And there is huge list of items to assigned gestures to them.
In gesture dolphin missed on how to use it properly it is one thing I identified as a feedback for dolphin.

Now lets check SONAR.

Let's check above image, you can see:

SHAKE TO ACTIVATE which means to activate sonar just shake your phone!
Message says it will consume more power so its activative by default here lets shake and check.

Here I shaked my smartphone and see:

I shaked it again and said Facebook and see

So sonar is good and you can create shortcut on touchwiz to use sonar in single touch.

Now finally we will do evaluation of jetpack in settings.

Its job as it says is to do data rendering and make browsing faster, so let's turn it on and have a check:

  • Turned on
  • Asking to restart did.
  • Now trying to load,loading bar has moved faster but at end its stopped and almost taking same amount of time.
  • Site loaded but while scrolling and clicking on buttons its freezing badly.
  • Turned of Jetpack, restart done its normal now.
  • Feedback: Either Jetpack not working as it supposed to work or I missed on using it properly, but I did as per the instructions.

So this were special features of dolphin browsers, rest are commn features.

I will give you 5/5 for beta release. Understanding you showcaseed batter things :)

And here are my feedback to improve:

  • Zoomin zoom out is elastically focusing on center of screen, it was pain making this blog because of this.
  • Details about first time how to use not present(its a panic alert).
  • Its mobile browser, just wanted to check where is switch view button. If it is there I will find it.
  • How to use gesture? Let me recheck or I will be fool to ask you this.
  • Here is your link on the web to help us with gestures : i went there , ok found info about some round button to touch. On my phone home button is there next to menu bar you can check image I have home icon no options for gestures dolphin icon is there opened found link for support, support page not opening up. Ok better you comment me how to use gesture.

Features in my Wishlist are:
  • Switch options between website desktop and mobile view.
  • I am blogger so I want better zoom in zoom out for touching small icons for small small things like Bold  I U and more, which is headache if browser does not work properly.
  • Better typing enviornment, that means while I am typing I want to use both of my thumb and want to do it in landscape mode. Problem is 4 row already cover ups 75% of screen 10% by top bar and we have to work on 15% left that just for top few lines and then you will not able to see it. So kindly improve that.
  • Make gesture and jetpack working.
  • If you have blogger account or just make one and create blog, go to template on left hand side, now select Edit HTML. Use this browser and edit you will understand good area to improve.
  • Now on lefthand side again you have layout option click there, now you willbe able to see blog layout which you can drag and drop kindly somehow enable it.

That's it, if you will do this I will switch to your browser ever :)

Right now I use chrome best, Firefox support in combination and together too they are not capable of doing all I asked for, so if you can make them work, you will be the best one for me.

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