Bloggers Tips and Tricks.

Helpful Bloggers contents of Reandroid. Which we posted to enhance blogging skills for making awesome website blog post using Android Smartphones.

This blog post is dedicated to Bloggers, to help them in making awesome website blog posts using Blogger platform. I am sharing my experience and knowledge to bring you excellent tips, tricks and device knowledge using which you can enable yourself more mobile and you do not have to seat in front of computer for hours.
Just do it from your mobile!

1.Best keyboard for bloggers.

As a blogger we need to do lots of website blog postings, for bloggers blogging through Android device it is much more time consuming and difficult, to ease it we have mentioned good keyboards apps and keyboards to help fellow blogger.

2.Best Android Browsers for bloggers.

As a Blogger you have to do HTML editing and you browser should support it properly to help you do it in right way, if you are smartphone Blogger then you already knew it that what kind of difficulty I am talking about and here in this blog post you have solution for it and for Blogger who are planning to do blogging using Smartphone phone this post is for you as well.

3. Enabling widgets in Blogger mobile site.

Google Blogger has very nice features of having blog website featured for Mobile and desktop platform inbuilt and by default enabled, but at time we find difficulties getting all the widgets in mobile view. Reason behind this is those widgets are there for ages and mobile site introduced much later hence they missed on adding some coddings in there, you just have to add it, to learn about it check this blog post.

4. Share URL directly from Browser

You are a blogger, who definitely  like to share contents and the one who likes to share it real fast in all social media, emails and drives for different purpose, Google Chrome browser really have solutions for it, how check this blog.

5.How to capture Screen shots on your Android device.

You are a blogger, you need lot of knowledge for which all of us have brain and Internet but we also need demonstration if our idea as a blogger at many point you can make use of capturing screenshots to add benefit to your presentation/demonstration skills.

I have more wonderful ideas going on in my mind I will post them soon and club them with this blog.

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