7 ways to use Google Plus to improve your Social media influence #Reandroid

Everyone is just crazy about social media, online marketing, digital life, gadagets and more.

Now the network is so overcrowded that people are trying to find niche contents and genuine people by evaluating them through their social scores.
Google plus is the easiest tool to make you reach the right spot in this scoring game.As you may already know about Google+ it is social networking platform by internet big name Google. Where you can put your thoughts in front of millions of people and engage with them.Now let's talk about why G+ is most helpful for earnings great social scores:

1: Take benifits of User friendly G+:

You must be knowing about Google website, Android OS and Microsoft Windows. The user friendliness, yes, the biggest reason, their were always more out their but the key concept, the value was always at the core and that was user friendly design which makes the user of this platform to conduct their required operation with ease.I found the same goodness in Google+ believe me it is the easiest social networking platform when compaired to others out their.So if you are social network enthusiast and newbie G+ will be great help and you will easily learn most out of it.

2: Create Professional Profile:

Setting up professional profile, if you are planning to gear up for social exposure for your business or yourself, then tailor your profile accordingly, put nice reasonable details, pics, cover pic, so that you will look genuine to the other users on network and will not loose any opurtunity to get engaged with great influencers out their.

3: Join related communities:Join Communities of your intrest and also checkout the numbers of followers forveach and every community choose them wisely, their are benifits with G+ community over other social network platform and that are:

  • You can use repeatative names.
  • Choose community between private or public.  
  • You can join any public community, Assign/use sub-intrest to community.

This three features help you reach the right audience and avoid spamming around, due to this users of communities have superb mutual understanding and supports each other.It also empower effective and efficient controls over communities.
If you are planning to build community then you can decide wether you want to keep it private or public, choose community idea and best part is select sub group as per the intrest of community post so that the follower of community can post right content at right place.
When you join others community, you enjoy freedom to approch right audience as you like in which ever community. G+ has largest and huge variety of communities. It has great benefits to it within few clicks you can become part of very large community with excellent veiewership, what else you want to make your thoughts and idea go popular. I have evaluated and checked my social scores with different platform and found G+ is over the top for social scores.People in G+ are real genuine, 100% ready for engagements and two way communications and what made it even more better is the dog watch by its community managers and their teams which very quickly identify activities of spamer and bots with no time, they follow very genuine warning system to ensure proper usages.Remember community is the key.

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