5 Android N Rumors LAUNCHED>

Rumors about Android N are started rolling out as its Dev launch date is nearing.
Let's check out the top 5 rumors about Android N:

1:  Android N Developer preview will launch in month of May, somewhere around mid of the month, just like Google did last year for Android M 6.0, and following the same pattern Android N user built will launch in October 2016.

2: Android N will be missing App Drawer, this is strongly indicated by multiple Blog Publishing agencies, reports says that it will still support App Folders, just like IOS all icons will appear on Home Screen, user can still have options to install 3rd party Launchers if they feel urge of App Drawer and can have it.

3: Android N would be supporting Split Screen which was supported by some OEM version of Samsung and Sony mobiles on limited version of devices, but Android N will definitely brings in this support for all future devices, specially for tablets and phablets, where users can enjoy multiple windows side by side and work on them simultaneously on wider screens.

4: Android N is going to exclusively provide enhanced calibrations support for stylus touch features, this rumor is supported by Samsung future launch with stylus and you can also check few new apps started rolling out in App store for stylus writing, drawing and sketching.

5: This changes seems to be milestone effort by Google to start all in one platform of computing, Which means Android nearing its future goals of supporting all platforms of computing devices with unique version of Android.

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