2 new features of Whatsapp Version 2.12.441- Reviewed #Whatsapp

Facebook is going to rollout Whatsapp Version 2.12.441for its Android users, iPhone users do not have to worry as you already have this features available from last year's October update.

I am pending to have check this update, but first check this below details are from different bloggers:

  1. Reported : 76 new emoji icons to display. Emoji icons such as Nerd face, rolling eyes, middle finger, and more are introduced, just when valentine day is at corner, and they are psychological expression of people which are used 95% more by friends, lovers and passionate people in their casual conversation, so seems like update rolled out around good time.
  2. Google drive backup for you media and chat conversation.
  3. Star them, yes you can hold the contents and provide them Star, it is just like bookmark intrest to find stared one later with ease.
  4. Top menu reorganization to accommodate this changes.

Now let's check out what is new in it for Android users:

So right now my current version of WhatsApp is:

Now let's try new version, I am using Play store:
Now downloading is going on, above image shows 23.13 MB, it will take sometime to complete as I have slow internet on my mobile!
Okay done
Now let's check out the changes in emoji list.
Old emoji list was like :
Now compare with new one :)
So you will have lots of new emoji options now. 
1 update checked, working checked.

Now check out Google drive backup:
Checked : It is not new as you can see I have backed up on 9th to Google drive, even before release of this update. 

Now check below Star bookmarking contents is their on below image on top menu.

Finally found two updates and one look organization change as below:

1: So as suggested by fellow bloggers and  Play store I found two new features:
  • emojis
  • Star flag on top.

2 : One change in top border to accommodate Star flag.

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