How to use your Android phone to Spy.

The Smartphone is the most powerful and handy device which is also empowered with spy functions, just you have to know how to make use of it and it needed a right Apps to enable its spy features.

To know the power of your Android  for spying purpose you can make use of following detailed features:

  • Spycam  App: there are many spy cam apps available at app store you can install any of them and it will do recording in background. and keep your phone in good position so that you can capture your stuff properly, it will in complete background, so even if someone discovers something mistirious going on and if even checks out your phone too he will not able to identify anything, another benefit is that it has motion detection feature so if you leave your phone with desired memory size it will keep on capturing videos followed by the motions. Disguised icon and hidden menu visible only by dialing secret code makes it even more amazing.
  • Call recorders: this app is again a wonderful app which added benefits to record calls on whichever Android device you want to record calls just install it and relax. It also works in background and undiscoverable, also featured with disguise icons.
  • Voice recorder: Just like Spycam app this app is  helpful if you want to eavesdrop on someone then you can make use of this app you can just initiate recording and leave the phone screen locked and it will do the job for you.
  • GPS tracking apps: you can install this GPS tracking Application on your phones and one of your team so that each and every one will rest assured about the security of individual spy of your team and you yourself. You can leave your GPS enabled device silently with the suspect and with other phone you can track your suspect. It is also required for security of your phone as well because while spying you are going to leave your phone here and there so to get it back you must have this app.
  • Doc scanner: This is amazing app which will come very handy for scanning the large set of documents with very best scan quality.
  • Cloud Stotage: Use cloud drive to save your records notes and documents uploaded and shared with authentic personal involved with you.
  • Fast camera: You might need to snap faster to get lot of pictures of suspect and crime seen and you may liked to snap photos faster then usual then you may need fast photo apps.
  • Messenger:  Text messengers with voice call to make fast and effective communication within your team is a very useful tool for effective communication.
  • Bluetooth walkie talkie: App for areas which are out of network. Very useful in operations with no mobile network.
  • Hacking Apps:  You are spying and you can do lot more by hacking suspect's phone and network, there are many apps which will enable you doing this and for different purpose I found useful information on one blog click here to read it.

I will not recommend to go for bundled App as they partially perform or does not Work.
So as per the features I have illustrated above choose carefully the right app and install suitable good app for above individual features.

I have not recommended any individual app as I want to keep my post unique and useful forever and with time their will be more better apps which will be always improving and empowering this features.

So search in your app stores for above features, see their rating and No. of downloads and check them out.

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