How to use tethering and portable hotspot. In Google's Android Devices.

There are times you need to send important email to someone or you want to check immidiate online update, or you are waiting for something and do not have anything to do in your free time but you can use internet on smartphone,  again your data pack ran out of balance.

In all this situation what if your friend or family shares his/her data connection with you through wifi hotspot and open thethering network for you.

What is Hotspot and Tethering?

Hot spot is the feature introduced in android devices with android version 2.2 and above. Which enables and empower smart phones to act like wifi router/hotspot/wireless network small server and connect with Wifi devices. Useful for sharing data connection, printing and connect to various wifi devices.

How to to set it up ?

For this you need to go to Settings page and you will find below options:

Once you are in this page you have to select more in that page you will have below option:

Now goto Tethering and portable hotspot.

Check the box next to it or turn on the button next to it depending upon Android version.

For example in above image Marshmallow and Android one have this option:

Now go to hotspot settings.

In there you will have two options one to select under security as shown in above image, the option already selected is WPA2 (PSK)which password access protocol, which is security parameter that means whatever device wants to share your mobiles resources must have protected access to it which will be permissible by you using password through this protocol. So set whatever password you want and activate WiFi on the other device and search for wireless network it will show the name of network as in above image, you can change and keep it as you wish.

Now second option is None as in above image. If you will select this option your connection will become opent to all and anyone can access your phones resources without your knowledge. So this option is not advisable at all.

This is about Smartphone's Hotspot & Tethering.

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