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Android Browser-Google ChromeHow to switch to desktop view

Many a times you missed some added features on website, which are there in Desktop version of website but not in mobile version, so many a times you want to switch to the desktop version, in one of our earlier post we had mentioned about how to do it in OPERA MINI BROWSER and in this post we will discuss about doing the same thing with Google browser.

So here we go follow below steps to get it done.

First click on menu button next to address bar which looks like three vertical dots:

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Now select option REQUEST DESKTOP SITE in drop down box, mark a check box next to it, or turn the button on(lollipop and above button option):

Now page will get refresh and take you to the  desktop site.

If in case you are still not able to see the desktop version refresh automatically then manually enter the web address following above steps.

Reason some of the website does not refresh automatically is that this websites uses use extension like "m."  and "Mobile." At begining Or "m=1" at the end.

If you understand this logic then just remove this codes from web address or just manually enter the web addresses.

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