Google Android's Screen flickering issue. Fixed

I was facing minor problem with my Android device that while working on it some times it flicker's.
It was noticeable but ignorable, I was thinking could be some problems with HW of my phone.

Then few days back I purchased one inexpensive tablet which was flickering like hell and very slow while playing game like Temple Run, anyhow I immediately returned that device, that time I noticed one thing that the performance was low because tab was big, screen functions were slow because of size of the tablet and even the specs were low so its GPU was transmitting laggy signals to screen and whole tablet was flickering.

In exchange I got different phone.

This experience gave me clue about GPU, I unlocked my developer option of my exchanged phone found option of Disable HW Overlay,  Thanks to Android that there was line below it explaining what it will do if playing around it, so as it was CPU to GPU rendering I disabled it to not let Android OS confused with selection of visual transmission to Graphic processor  OR Main Processor. 

I remembered this concept from my experience with computer where system was flickering because of confusion between on board GPU and added GPU where both were enabled. In year 2011 when Intel introduced widi in market which was bundled with high end graphic card.

Same concept worked here and disabling that option worked for me.

So are you also facing same issue try this:

  • Go to settings
  • Go to Developer Options, if it is not listed there the check this Unlock Developer OptionsOptions
  • Go to "Disable HW Overlay" and check the check box there, that's it. If you are using Android Marshmallow turn on the button like in below pic.
  • Now OS will not confuse itself and flicker, instead it knows that it has to send visuals to GPU.

Issue resolved :)

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