Ghost Push Trojan gets into Google Play, Affects 10,00,000 Android Devices

About Ghost Push: Its a Trojan Malware, which has reportedly infected more than 1000,000 users across the globe. Ghost push even hits google playstore as well which has made the situations much worse.

Ghost Push Trojan effects:
  1. Ad pop-up, Never ending continuous unwanted ad.
  2. Automatically app installation.
  3. Mobile freezes up and locks up.
  4. Unable to uninstall malicious app.
  5. Gets into root of phone.
  6. Even though if you will not install anything still there is possibility of this Malware gets into your phone as it has made its root in Google's playstore mechanism.

In October NDTV website reported its massive affect to spread over to 900,000 phones and the trends reported by CM's website has it has crossed over 1000,000 infected devices.

Earlier it was identified as monkey test then timesaver and now final terminology is Ghost push.

CM security app website, culprit behind this stuff is making huge amount of money estimated around 4 Million $ per day.

This nasty Ghost push was identified as a part of few apps earlier this year by some of the software security companies and they tried to resolve it but no one has so far completely able to remove it.

Nerds behind this problem are making good money and are very good at what they are doing as whenever security software are coming up with some sort of solution they are making some changes and again taking their position back.

Last known good software resolving this issue is cm security which disabled it and CM stubborn Trojan killer which requires rooting.

Cheetah Mobile itself is a Chinese company and it itself reported in their website that hackers behind it are also from china. Southeast Asian country are the most affected by this Malware.

Out of 600 infected apps this are some of the apps:

We have posted Trojan killer link and procedure, to resolve this issue and our people are working together to control this outbreak.

Hacker's behind this plot are very intelligent, they are rapidly changing the way they work and today we are reported with few cases where CM did not fix the problem right now we are in follow up to that issues.

NDTV also reported that it has made its access to and breached security measures of playstore which is really a sad news and will make the people think twice before downloading anything.

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