Blogger mobile site: Why widgets are missing ? Fix it!


How to fix missing widget in Blogspot mobile view ?

You may have noticed that some of your widgets do not appear in mobile view, but when you use desktop view they all appear there.

I noticed this problem when I installed disqus comments widget on my blog and found that in desktop view it is working fine but in mobile view I had default blogger comments box.

To resolve this problem I identified that there is small coding was needed.

To do this coding you need to go to your blog and then from left hand side listing go to Template.

Now on right hand side select Edit HTML.

Select Edit HTML
Now scroll through HTML codes and find the widget which you want to enable.

For an example for disqus comments box:

So in above we just added mobile= 'yes' code and you can see in this site my disqus comments box is working absolutely fine.

Let's take one more example:
Here we have example of Google plus badge.

Right now its without mobile code:
<b:widget id='PlusBadge1' locked='false' title='Google+ Badge' type='PlusBadge'/>
This widget code is designed in way that it will not appear in mobile view unless we add this code mobile='yes'.

So we added mobile code.
<b:widget id='PlusBadge1' locked='false' mobile='yes' title='Google+ Badge' type='PlusBadge'/>
In above code we added that now save your template. It will work.

Do remember one thing you should use the code after locked='false' otherwise it will show you an error.

Fixed :)

Specially for my blogger friends who unnecessarily switching to desktop view only site. You don't have to spoil your site. Just do the above you will have all your desktop features in mobile view.


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