Best Android Browser for Blogger

Solution is for Google's Blogger.

Dear blogger buddies, Just like you all, I also want to blog with ease, I try to always be ready to capture ideas and thoughts, that's why I love blogging using my Android devices.

Some days back I asked one question through my blog and google +  that which browser will enable me to drag and drop inside websites. I asked this as I was facing difficulties rearranging layouts which we can do through drag and drop in windows browser's.

I did not get any answers to that question so far, so I myself tried multiple browsers to check if any of them might help me.

I tried:

  1. Fast
  2. UC
  3. Chrome was already there
  4. Dolphin
  5. Opera
  6. Firefox
No one helped me with drag drop issue.

In quest to solve that problem I found solution to other problem what most of bloggers face blogging on blogger platform and that is difficulties editing HTML codes specially under Template, if you use blogger on Android then you already know what exactly I am talking about.

So while I was trying to fix that trouble I definitely enjoyed solution to Codding issue with blogger.

Credit to help me with that goes to Firefox Mozilla.

Right now at these point of time, with my experience I can say Mozilla Firefox is best browser on Android platform to do blogging.

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Additional updates:

  • Google chrome is fastest and very smooth browser on Android platform.
  • Latest version of Dolphin browser are equally helpful in editing blogger HTML templates, when compared to Mozilla Firefox.
  • Using Chrome in combination with either of this browser will fulfill the purpose.

New update 11th May 2018.
Try New Edge Browser by Microsoft.
Microsoft is capturing it's market back again.


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