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As Bloggers, Authors and Writers our life have became more easy with smartphones, which leverage them to put their ideas and thought documented easily and immediately, no matter where they are.

But sometimes we miss our traditional desktop environment, when we do not find our typing speed and skills are working at 100% what they used to do with PCs.

No matter whatever we do our hands on Android can not match 100% of with our hands on experience with PC.

But for now we can at least take or skill on Android to 95% using accessories and app till Android OS is upgrading to that level where we can find our old feel of windows.

So for making Android typing more easier and to bring in the traditional feeling of our keyboard we have below two solutions :

1. Application Hackers Keyboard Apk app for Android.

Above is the screenshot captured of functional hakers keyboard, and this keyboard is really something which you can adjust and modify as per your need.

See below pic, where I modified it for my love towards typing in landscape mode. Yes I did it while blogging and I am using it right now, I adjusted it to 40% and modified to 4 rows instead of 5 rows as it was earlier as you can see in pic above.

You can go to Phone Settings and to the Input and languages there you can find all short of adjustable options to manage it.

You can download it for free from a Playstore

Scroll to its option and set it as per your custom requirement belive me you will not go back to any other keyboard.

2. Ahue® Beeboard the Thinnest Bluetooth Rechargeable Foldable Keyboard

Just in case you are real keyboard lover and wants the real touch and feel of your keyboard  then you must go for BeeBoard The Thinnest Bluetooth Rechargeable Foldable Keyboard.

It is just the real hardware stuff claimed thinest and easiest to connect using keyboard.

To connect it you just have to enable it and discover it, once connected ready for use.

It is water proof, just ensure water does not go in mini USB port for charging.

Once charge battery last for upto 30 days.

You can enjoy it if you want to do typing watching over fullscreen and want to have feel of same old days.

This are the two solutions for you.

But I have something more for you, amazing stuff of technology:

This is amazing stuff and great work of technology, it also enables through Blutooth connection and connects to your smartphone and you can just do TAP TAP TAP on your table over laser genrated image and it will do your typing.

If you are technology enthusiast and want to keep latest tech equipments in your collections its for you.

Hope you would like my post.

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  1. Can anyone tell where is a backward slash\qestion mark key in hackers keyboard

    1. Try press and hold the mic icon on right side bottom and you will find question mark as well backslash in it.
      Hope it helps !

    2. Thank you I was working on Unix command using my Android. It has been great help.
      Now I can work with unix directory command on my Android in better way.
      Thanks Again for making life easier :)


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