Fix Android Virus, Malware, Trojan, Ghost Push, Spyware and Adware

Issue: Ghost Push.
OS: Android 4 and above. 
Environment: SmartPhone


Virus Removal from Android

Description: "Exit... X" bar at bottom of the screen coming up after every 2 - 3 minutes screen is freezing, the software is installing automatically and in the drop-down menu, bar action bar advertising is always there, this is the known Chinese scam of Adware & Trojan infection in Android devices named  "Ghost Push", even factory reset failed to resolve the problem as this trojan has rooted the device, I tried to figure out solutions over the net and ended up with trying one stuff myself which resolved the issue.

Background of the Android Device on which I worked :
OS-Android 4.4
Browsers- Opera, Chrome and UC
Handset- Micromax Unite.

Install: CM security

Run a scan and follow the instructions, in addition before force stop and disabling malicious app clear data of the app.


Install CM Ghost Push killer.
But for below 1st, you need to root the phone.

Scan and follow the instructions.

Note: To get ROOTING help click here.

Issue Resolved.
Phone working absolutely fine and very smoothly :)

Thanks for blog contributors who posted their comments to find out end resolution.

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  1. Same silution for issue :After upgrading my Note 4 to Lollipop, I would get an ad that would display in my notifications pane. I couldn't figure out what app was causing it but the ad was sponsored by State Farm.

    I installed Adaway and haven't had the problem since.

  2. APUS launcher and music paradise dowload are mysterious app behind it.

  3. These annoying pop up ads seems to fool the actual detectors for aggressive ad networks.

    So this new kind of trash might need a new approach for catching the app that caused it.
    Using its need for data for to build this ad for the pop up.

    I take it that this culprit app needs data for its pop up. You could proof this when there wouldn't pop ups while you switch off mobile data and WiFi.

    I use an app which logs the background data of apps, 'Network Connections' from Play Store.
    Install and run the app (start Live Capture) ... and after the ad pops up you might see an active app that should not sending/receiving data.
    Note: ... and you might wonder that there are so many of your apps that cause background data traffic

  4. In that case, it could be my music player, or downloader. I refuse to use gogle music, as it sucks, and the downloader I have is the best one I've found- idrisyou. I have most of the google apps disabled. I didn't have this issue until the music player app I had(which is factory on most phones) started glitching, and Indownloaded another app by the same people, that is basically the same app, except there is a blue note for the logo, instead of the blue speaker.

    I'll try that app.

  5. Same Problem Here....what is the best solution that you did guys?

    1. Hi,
      Thanks for the above information, I tried recommended CM ghost push killer, but as it was asking for root I skipped it and tried CM Security and detected the same stuff and fixed the problem.

      CM Security is fixing the issue go for it.
      Check out "CM Security Antivirus AppLock" -

  6. Hi,
    Thanks for the above information, I tried recommended CM ghost push killer, but as it was asking for root I skipped it and tried CM Security and detected the same stuff and fixed the problem.

    CM Security is fixing the issue go for it.
    Check out "CM Security Antivirus AppLock" -

  7. Thanks Binesh, your input easily resolved the issue.
    Perfect solution without rooting :
    CM security

  8. Just like iron cuts iron, poison cures poison...
    Chinese virus fixed by chinese Anti virus ... LOL

  9. Hi, I have this problem on micromax unite a106 handset. Not resolved after using CM security. Please help. There's also an app "adultvideos" which has no uninstall/force stop/disable option. OS 4.4.2

    1. That adultvideo app is part of Ghost push virus which gets into your phone root directory and not letting you uninstall it. it can be resolve, could you kindly send me the Details report of CM security scan results, it is first time it has been reported that it did not fix the issue.

  10. Sir, I have problem with my xolo mobile . there are two apps one is URL resolver and 2nd is com.Androidhelper.sdk. I uninstall and disable the both app but when Iused the Internet the automatically installed & they blocked my phone reset option and other options. Plz help me

  11. Sharma ji, try again and dont uninstall them, when it will take you to the screen, first clear chache and clear data and then disable them. Restart the phone, now check.
    If this step failed then try second option for which you need to root your phone. Try kingo root it doesn't need computer. king works on 75℅ of Android device, works then good or root it through computer and try.
    CM security just help to disable malware and cm stubborn Trojan killer kills them.
    Kindly try and revert.
    CM s had worked for me So I hadn't tried rooting!!

  12. Dear Tymon,

    Thanks for writing back to us.
    You are right X... Bar  Trojan Ghost push will hardly let you do anything.

    Best thing you can try is using browser to download the direct APK file.

    CM security was good fix in 2016 but now its been long time and any good mobile security software can handle it.

    I will now recommend you to try:
    Directly from browser as playstore will not help.

    This was virus for Android  Kitkat.

    Could you please share details of mobile model & brand in order to help you further if you are not able to fix it.

    Kindly revert back to us with the outcome.

    Thanks and regards,
    ReAndroid Team.

    1. Dear Tymon,

      In case mcafee did not help then best is to try CM security download from:

      If still facing issue then you can backup your important data and try hard reset.

      You can follow instruction on below Video posted on YouTube:

      Note: Please backup all important files and applications before trying reset.

      Hope your issue will be fixed on your next response.

      Thanks & Regards,
      Team ReAndroid

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