How to enable Drag and drop function in Android device ?

OS: Android
Platform: Smartphone

Issue: Drag and Drop in browser option not working for editing contents.

I am a full-time blogger, and I need to do a lot of publishing and editing.
I do most of my work on my phone.
I was trying to identify the solution for enabling Drag and drop feature on my browser and image editor, it is a need for expediting my job performance. Still, I did not find any proper app or settings to do it.

Does anyone have a resolution to this?
If anyone advises this issue, it will be a great help.
Also, I want to describe that I am using Android's Marshmallows 6.0

Description: Let me elaborate on the issue while editing the layout, tables, and content drag and drop feature is handy to fix the position and alignment, with photos copy and paste with Drag and drop is needed to edit and publish the more detailed image for viewership.

This feature is there on ios7!

Its been 5 years. I did this post, and I did not find those in browser drag and drop support yet on any of the smartphone browsers, though they have the split windows featured enable.

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