No, Lolipop can't scores over Marshmallow

My Experience with Android M

Day 1 of Marshmallow

I did upgrade from Lollipop to Marshmallow, and I am not happy with it in the first impression as it has withdrawn some features, and nothing seems to be new in it as of now than Lollipop.

The thing which is driving me crazy is the vertical App drawer, which was an earlier horizontal swipe style.

Found people calling it Marshmallow Style, but it is old Gingerbread style.

Feeling paranoid and looking out for the solution and will post it soon.

In the first look, I found cons, hope will discover pros soon.

I found pros today that is a new memory card management system introduced, which gives you the option to make its internal memory.

For now, I found: Marshmallow is just version update to Lollipop; there is nothing much for them, yes, but it might be a significant change for KitKat and Gelly Beans users.

Day 2 of Marshmallow

Worked on and fixed App drawer
Currently, only option to make it swipe scroll is to install 3rd party launcher, I installed ZenUI from play store looking at its ratings, its working good for now.

If your phone's battery draining faster then earlier after the upgrade, Click here for resolution.

While installing, ZenUI launcher found a new avatar of Google play store, which is having different looks and styles.

While trying to manage app went to Settings > Apps, found it has complete Makeover there, so it's just new different look overall; here onwards, I start to feel its scoring over Lollipop.

Changed the post now :D with an agreement to the newer version.

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