Browser Google Chrome Error: "No SD Card"

Description: I have tried downloading PDF files from a website using Google Chrome Browser, and it is giving me error "No SD Card," tried friends mobile got the data transferred through Bluetooth all well but found that Chrome is not working anymore to download files. Whereas I have sufficient space in my SD card and internal Phone Memory.

Solution Steps tried:

1:) Checked space and did unmount remount of SD Card. No, go.

2:)Cleared cookies, browsing history, and Privacy. Still no go.

3:) Went to Settings>App>Chrome, deleted data, and cache memory. Still no go.

Does anyone have a proper fix for the issue?

Note: I don't want to factory reset and uninstall reinstall.

Found resolution.... thanks for nothing.

Problem was not with browser Instead it was with downloader

Check my next post for resolution

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