Battery Draining very fast after Lollipop upgrade - Resolved

OS: Android Lollipop.
Platform: Smartphone

I hoped to get new enhanced features, and to get it I rushed into upgrading my Android version and letter found that the upgrade is messing up the battery life of the smartphone, the same thing happened to me twice this month, but anyhow I had to do it as I am a blogger and have to experience and feel it :)
What I found was all of the sudden my mobile phone started eating battery and completely draining of in half n hour, I was frustrated and almost ready to give it to the service center and just before it tried one simple Step which helps resolve the issue and found that battery is working better than before.


What I did to resolve this problem is :
Go to App Drawer (App menu)>Select Settings >Battery

See what is eating your battery and I am sure it would be Screen on the top!!!

Anyhow it has to be but not more than 15% if it is more then click on it > Adjust power use > Brightness Level > Reduce it to a minimum.  Just show me Thumbs up here.

And in addition, go to the go-to the battery again and check if any of the apps listed which you do not really use very often and it is using battery more then 3 % then just force stop it there and disable it in App management.

Battery life is awesome now I can write blogs and do hours of research in a single charge.

And if above does not help then :(  go for the service center.

The good news is this if it happened after the upgrade it will resolve the problem.

Resolved ☺

Root Cause: I found that the bright and vibrant background of the LED is draining the battery faster, reducing it to low and isolating the app will fix the problem. 

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