Afraid of rooting Smartphone - check this out

Android: Any version. 
Platform: SmartPhone

Topic: Advantages and Disadvantages of rooting an Android.
Today I am going to root my Android device, and I am afraid hence did some research on rooting and found some pros and cons.
I went through a lot of stuff to check for a better app that can help me do it.
This post Is just about the advantages and disadvantages, so we are not going to discuss how to do SmartPhone rooting here in this post, but there is a link at the bottom of of the page which will direct to the link where we have detailed post on how to do rooting the SmartPhone.

So now, we are going to talk about the benefits and drawbacks of Smartphone rooting.


1: You will become Admin/SuperUser of the phone, so you can now access android system files and make changes to them.

2: You can install Special apps that do a lot of incredible stuff but they need rooting. For example, WifiKill provides privileged access to the Wifi network over other users of the same Wifi Network. 

3: You can install custom ROM that is an Android custom operating system such as CyanogenMod. This helps you save a lot of internal memory, which gets spoiled by unwanted preinstalled apps. Custom ROMs always come with exclusive benefits such as a new look, better GUI, and OS upgrade.

4: You can crack games and apps and unlock special packages without paying for them by using their crack codes or apps which need rooting.

5: You need it to use special features of certain apps.

6: It helps you remove malware that gets into root files.

Now we will discuss the disadvantage, just like the fruitful advantages problems are disastrous :

1: While rooting, your phone's warranty will get null and void, and if the service provider finds it out, your phone will be out of warranty.

2: Rooting will give you admin rights, and severe mess up or silly mistakes with system files may cause a bigger problem.

3: If you try to update to custom ROM and by any chance, the file is corrupted; it will brick your phone, and your phone will be dead forever; hence beware of what you are doing.

4: Once rooted, doing unrooting is possible for few devices.

5: You might end up Unsatisfied with what you did. That's the biggest problem.

So as the pros are excellent, but cons are equally painful, so think twice before you do it.

I have to do it anyhow to experience it.
Update now I did it.

Note: Not selecting the right Rooting Application will install malware with root access on your SmartPhone, and you will not be able to take post rooting the phone.
Another Major problem with Rooting is that, if it fails in between the procedure, your Smartphone will be non-functional(bricked). If you made your mind to proceed with Rooting, do it at your own risk.

To proceed with experience to check how the rooted phones are like, I have rooted one of my phones and shared the post on how I did that: You will definitely enjoy my experience with rooting for the first time. Check here

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