How to recover deleted contacts

How to recover deleted contacts in easy five steps.

We all do some silly stuff by mistakes, and one of them is getting our important contacts deleted.
My article will help you in a few simple steps to recover all your contacts recovered for Android mobiles. You might get the software on the store's page, but the instructions are to follow are not there.
So if you have identified the deleted contacts situation you can follow the below steps:

1. Go to the app store install the app named "DELETED CONTACTS."

Deleted Contacts - Android Apps on Google Play

Above shared link courtesy by Google Playstore. We give credit to them.

2. Run the app, you will find two options in-app page, All and Deleted.

3. Go to Deleted, you will be able to see your deleted contacts there, go to the menu of the software, it will be on the top right corner, select restore all.

4. You can go to the contacts screen of the phone, and you will find all your lost contacts are back.

This application will RESTORE all your DELETED contacts.

But it is not over yet. The final step has to be followed otherwise once you will restart the phone, your contacts screen will be blank again, and this software will stop helping you, so have to follow below final steps:

To ensure proper recovery, you have to export all contacts:

1. Go to the contacts screen of your phone, go to the menu you will be having import/export select it.

2. Now select all the contacts locations one by one and load them to your Gmail account. 

In this way, you will ensure the proper recovery of your contacts.

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