How to fix White background of App Drawer. Android One issue Resolved.

Article For Android lollipop users, also known as Android one, while using it identified that it has a limitation of App drawer's white background, which is indeed a card background introduced by Android, but many find it irritating.

I had searched for solutions, found no proper solution except installing the additional launcher, and just leaving Google Play Launcher.

So to just get rid of that card background tried different launchers.

Note: I never liked using launcher before.

So this time, we will search for some stuff which we can trust with the performance.

Tried: SS launcher, Nova Launcher, KK Launcher, and 2 3 more as suggested in different forums and blogs.

And finally tried Mini launcher and it is the best. Just 2.5 MB App with a consistent theme that will let you think that you are using the same Stock Android with the changes you wanted there and not making it superficial.

It was not suggested anywhere in any forum but tried as per the ratings.

Give it a try to get rid of the Card/White App Drawer background.

Mini Launcher(Kitkat UI) - Android Apps on Google Play

 Rating: 4.5 - ‎90,887 votes - ‎Free
Mini Launcher is an original & highly customizable KitKat style launcher for Android.

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