Top 5 Android Browsers

Best Android Browsers

With enormous options to choose between browser available for users, sometimes we get confused about selecting the right one for our android smartphone. Especially when we need to choose between big names, brands, and some award-winning applications.
Also, do not forget the force of Developers who are really making new applications every other day, let's have a check on the current list of browsers that are really good and useful for your phone and the one that feeds your needs properly.

Rated 4.6 CM Browser Fast and Secure - By Cheetah Mobile Inc

Excellent swift app with antivirus security and fraud protection enabled. It is rated as the best mobile browser with 10+ million downloads so far, it has passed AV test and rated no.1 antivirus engine integrated within the browser.
Amazingly fast, CM stands for clean master,  is ultra-lightweight browser size 1.98 MB, app size is tiny, which does not bring any load to your android. Enabled with all smart features such as Browsing speed acceleration, Fraud Prevention, Malicious Download Protection, User-Agent, Speed Dial, security and privacy, page translator, text search, Font size adjustment, personalized bookmarks, gesture control for video playing, card tabs for multi-tab browsing and search engine switch. New feature added to version is: adds pop-ups blocking and enhanced home page control.
Link to download Cheetah' CM Browser.

Rated 4.6 Dolphin Browser for Android - By Dolphin Browser

Fast and smart browser, with the 50+ Million downloads. Dolphin browser promises blazing fast speed, unique browsing & search experience, with "Personalized Gesture Creation & Control, The Sonar sound control, Flash support, MultiTabbed browsing, Add-ons support, smart downloader, and the Sync control feature.
It is beautifully themed and has Dolphin's own app store. If some browser app with a lot of substantial bundled features wants to become no.1, then it has the most significant challenge as this app, in heavy loaded app Dolphin, has its own unique position.
Link to download Dolphin Browser.

Rated 4.5 UC Browser Surf it Fast - By UCWeb INC 

It is another Fast Browser, with 100+ Million downloads, It is an award-winning app with bundled smart features in it such as Easy user interface, Gesture control tab management, intelligent downloading, Incognito Browsing, Night Mode, Gesture control for videos and customized theme. It's perfect for Facebook users as it enabled notification features for Facebook, and even you can search fast from notification search, it starts really fast. The file size is 15.73 MB.
Download UC Browser

Rated 4.4 Firefox Browser for Android - By Mozilla

Firefox known & legendry with the brand house of Mozilla.
Mozilla Firefox is a Fast, Smart, and a safe browser.
With the 100+ Million downloads and a rating of 4.4, Firefox has proven the promise of the quality product. There is no match to its performance when compared with Speed, the User-customized search & share options, more reliable, and Extensive security settings, which include added security add-ons also combined with Do not track feature.
Add-ons for Firefox made it really powerful and added a lot of new features in it, which makes it very powerfully bundled browser, it very soon seems to be capturing the android browsing market. The file size is 34.34 MB.
Click here for Firefox.

Rated 4.2 Chrome Browser - Google - By Google Inc

Speedy and straightforward browser. Just as you understand, it is the direction from the manufacturer of android, it has owned trust and impression on android users to be most reliable. It has proven it with 1+ Billion downloads so far the maximum amongst the android browsers, excellent sync feature, smart voice search control, claimed to saves up to 50% data while browsing, easily translate web pages and makes content friendly readable, it has an incognito mode for private browsing, and excellent gesture control to handle multiple tabs. I am using this browser, and I am feeling lucky :)
Try Google Chrome

Above Images and links are shared through Google play store, we give Google Playstore full credit to Google Playstore for sharing images and links.


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