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My First Virtual Machine : Installing Windows 2016 Sever on Windows 10 Pro Hyper-V, Step by Step Guide.

Hello, Technical Support Enthusiast, if you would like to learn another awesome stuff then here I am with "Installing Windows Server 2016" on Windows 10 through windows very own Virtual Machine Handler Hyper-V.

So first the boring stuff to tell you to have to install Hyper-V on the Windows 10 Pro.

The requirements, machine which is able to run Windows 10 Pro smoothly which drives it like butter like my computer (~_*) and Windows 10 Pro installed on it.

Once you have the above-detailed configurations please open "Turn Windows Feature On and Off" box like in below image:

Now you will get a kind of box which will look like a box in below image:

Now just like in above box select all the box and put a check mark next to them which has Hyper-V.

Now you have Hyper-V installed!

Now we will create our very own and very first Virtual Machine on Windows 10 Pro system.

Note: To do this I have downloaded the evaluation copy of Windows Server 2016 Datacenter edition on my computer which is free for 90 days.

Now open Hyper-V Quick Create like in below image:

:) You will be able to see below amazingly beautiful box once you are going to click on above box: 

Great, now things will be very interesting from here. So you already have two options from windows one is Windows 10 Developer Environment and another one is Ubuntu, Windows 10 Licence you already have so you can install a copy of that on the VM or you can install open source free Ubuntu.

As I am not in the mood of learning Linux today so I will bypass ubuntu and I already have the full-fledged version of Windows 10 Pro which is loading up things so I will excuse that too.

Please don't ask me how to download the Evaluation version of Windows 10 that will be a lot of effort for now. Just google it and do it by yourself.

So at this point, I am ready with my Windows 2016 Server ISO and I am going to select that instead of the above two options, so I am going to select "Local Installation Source" and going to follow the below options:

I believe you can understand the above instruction easily. Now click on Create Virtual Machine, and here you go:

Now click on connect and enjoy your Windows Server 2016 on your Windows 10 Machine.
This is a very useful method for MCSE enthusiasts who are learning it.

There are still a lot of things to discover in edit settings and then of course in a Virtual Machine world.

Hope you will enjoy your journey through it.

I have left some of the roadblocks on your ways to find a way through it, if you still find any difficulties please write in the comments box below I will get back to you, maybe sometimes in delay but I will surely going to get back to you on this.

All the best.

Bloggers Stats/JetPack Stats Vs Google Analytic | Why they are so different ?

Why Google Analytic's Score differs from Bloggers or JetPack Stats. | Answered

Blogger Stats also known as Blogger Dashboard which shows a pageview count of your Blogspot page, causes a raised eyebrows when a Blogger's start using Google Analytic because the numbers in Google Analytic found to be way too different than the numbers in blogger. And for WordPress blogger, same happens to JetPack Stats.

So it raises concerns that: why so much difference?

The answer is that Google Analytic is more specific and intelligent tool, it does not count the robots and crawlers, which reads feeds from our Blogs, circulate it to search engines and crawl for recent updates and it also excludes your own page views and preview.

Whereas Blogger Stat and JetPack stat failed to remove them from counting and gives you inaccurate data, which indeed cause false hope but Google Analytic is the right place to judge your blog's popularity.

Which means Google Analytic filters real human visiting the Blog's and excludes the remaining.

So if you are planning to lease out space of your Blog to someone be specific with the pageviews you are telling them it may be possible they may come back and ask to give us Google Analytic numbers.

Finally I Rooted my Android! - Guide to root your device.

Important: Doing Rooting may brick your phone and may cause other problems with functionality. If you made your mind to do it then do it on your own risk.

This method worked for me on multiple phone. Checked in XDA forum too, they recommend it in their forum postings.


As in my last post as I was afraid about Rooting and I had left it for future, here I did the rooting today.

How I did is very simple, but before telling you that just click on this link to see the past discussion so that we will not be wasting our time repeating same stuff again and again!


I suggest you Iroot or kingroot, you can download it from their official website or, they both are identical. 
Note here: My browser Google Chrome is not recommending 

You will be able to see two options
Download Android version - it is Apk
Download Windows version - it is for PC.

First try APK version, in my case it was unsuccessful, it was going up to 80℅ then error, hence I tried PC version it was just one click solution.

But before that one click, I had to arrange mini USB to USB cable which is in most cases you have in chargers you just have to unplug from the charger, rare cases can buy it or borrow it from someone. And enable USB debugging mode.

So here I downloaded the iroot version for my PC.

It was RAR zip(you need unziper for this for example winzip or winrar) file hence extracted it to my drive.


Now I am going to install it:
Installation Steps followed: 
  • Windows system command box asked: do you want to run this, I selected yes. 
  • Followed instructoin, to select location to install and create shortcuts. 
  • Some important instruction it shows, read it and clicked on next. instruction says their official sites are:
  1. Forum:
  2. iRoot Official Webiste: 

Now I am going to run it, so at the last screen of installation it says click finish and has option to launch it so launching it from here: 


I see it's launching for first time now: 

Now lets connect the phone with the PC in USB debugging mode enable: 


People who knows how to enable USB debugging mode, great! I appreciate their knowledge.
Rest you are going to learn it today so I will appreciate your knowledge after somethime.
To enable USB debugging you have to go to Settings then Developers options of your phone.
If you can't see developers option their that means its hidden, follow this link to know how to unhide it.
If you still don't find it check this site.

Here just put the check next to USB Debugging mode, now run that PC software of kingroot/iroot and then connect USB cable to computer.

It will detect your phone automatically, ask you for your permission and will make you aware about safety and backup to keep your device secure.

Click on root and you are done !

After installing it just remember one thing, it will install three Apllication by default: 
  1. Kingroot
  2. Onecleaner
  3. Roamaster
Keep the Kingroot app and uninstall the two other from Applications settings. 
Now your phone is rooted and you can make good use of it. 

I rooted two phones
1:Alcatel one touch which was Gingerbread.
2.Lava Iris x5 Android 4.4

Both out of warranty.
Did rooting on them, working awesomely smooth never expected such a performance hike!
Remember that this kingroot will install 3 more softwares along with it, if you like you can keep them or uninstall.

Purify is good software install that.
Now that I have rooted my phones I am planning crazy things with it. Will share with you soon.
You will be missing me and my blogs for while as I have some Exams. Need to prepare.

Catch you back around.
Note: I did note find any difficulties that doesn't mean it will go smooth with all Android devices, Do it on your own Risk.

Happy Holi - The festival of colors :D

#Twitter, How to Revoke Authorization to third party spam and scam Applications

Fixed Spamming DM issue from Twitter account

Now a days their are too many different websites and app who do not ask you to create new password and username instead they offer you options to use one of your social media ID so that they will get free of cost publicity.

That's okay when it is for good website, and it saves lot of our time for feeling forms and doing verification and more stuffs.

But what if you authorize scam or spamming app Bot. Then what ?
Yes it happens to many people had happened to me as well. My friends were complaining about the stuffs they were receiving from my ID without my knowledge.

Do not forget, movie star Mr. Amitabh bachchan apologied to Twitter followers about his hacked account and auto post which were corrected later.

I do also face similar issue when I received luring message that earn 500 followers from fellow follower, it was like:

"increase your twitter 815 followers for free
→ www.followpopi​.com"


"Get more 712 free followers site
Visit ⇒ www.followersite​.com"

This message cought my attention and I went to the link.

It redirected me to another link.
Shows me intelligent stuff how they connect followers.


They had two options paid and free, luckily I took free :)

Logged in to Twitter from their portal, it asked me for authorization, I did authorized, :(.


Do you know what happened next ?

It started spamming Direct messages to my follower and did it so much that Twitter blocked my DM.

I hastily tried below steps to stop it:

Note:  if  you are applying this fix from desktop computer start from step two or if   you are trying this steps from Smartphone then from step one given below:
  1. Enable desktop view.
  2. Go to Twitter site
  3. Login to your account. 
  4. Settings
  5. Go to Apps/Applications
  6. And then check out the authorized stuff causing problem.
In case you are not able to identify which one to disable and it its because of it's smart name making you confuse. Then check date on which you authorized that malign app and disable it by clicking on Revoke.

Twitter is going in to the world of automation! you will require this post for all your time on twitter. 

That's it!

Additional help for Smartphone users: if you still don't know how to switch to desktop view (Which was step 1 for smartphone users) to correct this problem on your browser, then click here to check how to switch to desktop view on Chrome browser.
Then manually type and it will work!
For checking with opera Click here
Rest all browser has similar mechanism.

Bloggers Tips and Tricks.

Helpful Bloggers contents of Reandroid. Which we posted to enhance blogging skills for making awesome website blog post using Android Smartphones.

This blog post is dedicated to Bloggers, to help them in making awesome website blog posts using Blogger platform. I am sharing my experience and knowledge to bring you excellent tips, tricks and device knowledge using which you can enable yourself more mobile and you do not have to seat in front of computer for hours.
Just do it from your mobile!

1.Best keyboard for bloggers.

As a blogger we need to do lots of website blog postings, for bloggers blogging through Android device it is much more time consuming and difficult, to ease it we have mentioned good keyboards apps and keyboards to help fellow blogger.

2.Best Android Browsers for bloggers.

As a Blogger you have to do HTML editing and you browser should support it properly to help you do it in right way, if you are smartphone Blogger then you already knew it that what kind of difficulty I am talking about and here in this blog post you have solution for it and for Blogger who are planning to do blogging using Smartphone phone this post is for you as well.

3. Enabling widgets in Blogger mobile site.

Google Blogger has very nice features of having blog website featured for Mobile and desktop platform inbuilt and by default enabled, but at time we find difficulties getting all the widgets in mobile view. Reason behind this is those widgets are there for ages and mobile site introduced much later hence they missed on adding some coddings in there, you just have to add it, to learn about it check this blog post.

4. Share URL directly from Browser

You are a blogger, who definitely  like to share contents and the one who likes to share it real fast in all social media, emails and drives for different purpose, Google Chrome browser really have solutions for it, how check this blog.

5.How to capture Screen shots on your Android device.

You are a blogger, you need lot of knowledge for which all of us have brain and Internet but we also need demonstration if our idea as a blogger at many point you can make use of capturing screenshots to add benefit to your presentation/demonstration skills.

I have more wonderful ideas going on in my mind I will post them soon and club them with this blog.

If you like my views and ideas, kindly subscribe to my blog post.

Subscription box is at very bottom of this page.

To be continue...

Blogger mobile site: Why widgets are missing ? Fix it!


How to fix missing widget in Blogspot mobile view ?

You may have noticed that some of your widgets do not appear in mobile view, but when you use desktop view they all appear there.

I noticed this problem when I installed disqus comments widget on my blog and found that in desktop view it is working fine but in mobile view I had default blogger comments box.

To resolve this problem I identified that there is small coding was needed.

To do this coding you need to go to your blog and then from left hand side listing go to Template.

Now on right hand side select Edit HTML.

Select Edit HTML
Now scroll through HTML codes and find the widget which you want to enable.

For an example for disqus comments box:

So in above we just added mobile= 'yes' code and you can see in this site my disqus comments box is working absolutely fine.

Let's take one more example:
Here we have example of Google plus badge.

Right now its without mobile code:
<b:widget id='PlusBadge1' locked='false' title='Google+ Badge' type='PlusBadge'/>
This widget code is designed in way that it will not appear in mobile view unless we add this code mobile='yes'.

So we added mobile code.
<b:widget id='PlusBadge1' locked='false' mobile='yes' title='Google+ Badge' type='PlusBadge'/>
In above code we added that now save your template. It will work.

Do remember one thing you should use the code after locked='false' otherwise it will show you an error.

Fixed :)

Specially for my blogger friends who unnecessarily switching to desktop view only site. You don't have to spoil your site. Just do the above you will have all your desktop features in mobile view.

Get Desktop view on Google Chrome Browser

Android Browser-Google ChromeHow to switch to desktop view

Many a times you missed some added features on website, which are there in Desktop version of website but not in mobile version, so many a times you want to switch to the desktop version, in one of our earlier post we had mentioned about how to do it in OPERA MINI BROWSER and in this post we will discuss about doing the same thing with Google browser.

So here we go follow below steps to get it done.

First click on menu button next to address bar which looks like three vertical dots:

Save as PDF how to 1

Now select option REQUEST DESKTOP SITE in drop down box, mark a check box next to it, or turn the button on(lollipop and above button option):

Now page will get refresh and take you to the  desktop site.

If in case you are still not able to see the desktop version refresh automatically then manually enter the web address following above steps.

Reason some of the website does not refresh automatically is that this websites uses use extension like "m."  and "Mobile." At begining Or "m=1" at the end.

If you understand this logic then just remove this codes from web address or just manually enter the web addresses.

Click here to compare and download best Android browser

Google Chrome - How to save page in PDF format - In #Android Apps.

How to save webpages in PDF format.

Save as PDF how to

Sometimes you want to save pages for offline reading or you want to keep it for printing out later when you have a printer or you want to send/save PDF in emails.

For this best thing you can do is save the page in PDF format.

For doing this you have to follow simple steps shown below:

First click on menu button next to address bar which looks like three vertical dots:

Save as PDF how to 1

Now select option print in drop down box:

Save as PDF how to 2

Now you will get smaller box with print options, select "Save to PDF" in it.

Save as PDF how to3

Now instead of print you will be able to see print button just click it and it will give you save location options as below:

Save as PDF how to4
Add caption

Select download to save in your phone now from download folder you can access the file offline in PDF easy readable format.

Kindly share your feedbacks about my posts.

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Share URL directly from Google Chrome browser.

Easily Share Contents of URL in 3 clicks.

You may want to share website URL directly from your browsers, some websites have share links and some do not have and still you wants to share then you have to copy the link then open individual sharing apps or website and paste them there and then share.

Isn't it difficult and time consuming ?
What about making it real very very easy!

In era of social network and E-com you wants to share the most what you find useful and with this idea Google has introduced feature in Chrome Browser that you can share URL directly from the browser with ultimate options.

Let's check out how to do that:

Open URL in Chrome browser which you want to share:

Now open browser menu by clicking on 3 vertical dots next to the address bar, as you can see on below image were I marked it with arrow and "Here" in red color.

Google Chrome Menu button

Now you will be able to see multiple option, here you have to look for "Share..." With G+ image next to it, as shown in below image:

Detailed screenshot
Closeup image below

Closeup screenshot

Now you will be able to see many options to share website contents with automatic photo selected and ready drafted for most of the famous social networks.

Sharing options

I have shared my Android Google Chrome experience with you and you would be having same features of Google Chrome browser in other operating system platforms.

Hope it will help, if you like my post kindly right now try to share this URL :)

Click here to compare and download best Android browser

Lag Free Playing High end Graphic games on your Android device.

If you are a gaming enthusiast and like playing high resolution and high graphic games then you should like it playing smoothly, if you are playing it in your Android device and it is working smoothly then okay or else you can try this trick to make it lag free while playing high graphic hardcore game.

Issue: While playing Games Android phone is lagging.
Hardware Accellaretion for high end graphics.
For smoother graphics rendering, go to Settings ––>Go to Developer options ( if you don't find developer options in settings then click here to find hidden developer options)and scroll till you see Hardware accelerated rendering––> Enable on Force 4x MSAA
Now you can enjoy lag free gaming only cons of doing this its going to eat your phones battery faster than before.


How to use your Android phone to Spy.

The Smartphone is the most powerful and handy device which is also empowered with spy functions, just you have to know how to make use of it and it needed a right Apps to enable its spy features.

To know the power of your Android  for spying purpose you can make use of following detailed features:

  • Spycam  App: there are many spy cam apps available at app store you can install any of them and it will do recording in background. and keep your phone in good position so that you can capture your stuff properly, it will in complete background, so even if someone discovers something mistirious going on and if even checks out your phone too he will not able to identify anything, another benefit is that it has motion detection feature so if you leave your phone with desired memory size it will keep on capturing videos followed by the motions. Disguised icon and hidden menu visible only by dialing secret code makes it even more amazing.
  • Call recorders: this app is again a wonderful app which added benefits to record calls on whichever Android device you want to record calls just install it and relax. It also works in background and undiscoverable, also featured with disguise icons.
  • Voice recorder: Just like Spycam app this app is  helpful if you want to eavesdrop on someone then you can make use of this app you can just initiate recording and leave the phone screen locked and it will do the job for you.
  • GPS tracking apps: you can install this GPS tracking Application on your phones and one of your team so that each and every one will rest assured about the security of individual spy of your team and you yourself. You can leave your GPS enabled device silently with the suspect and with other phone you can track your suspect. It is also required for security of your phone as well because while spying you are going to leave your phone here and there so to get it back you must have this app.
  • Doc scanner: This is amazing app which will come very handy for scanning the large set of documents with very best scan quality.
  • Cloud Stotage: Use cloud drive to save your records notes and documents uploaded and shared with authentic personal involved with you.
  • Fast camera: You might need to snap faster to get lot of pictures of suspect and crime seen and you may liked to snap photos faster then usual then you may need fast photo apps.
  • Messenger:  Text messengers with voice call to make fast and effective communication within your team is a very useful tool for effective communication.
  • Bluetooth walkie talkie: App for areas which are out of network. Very useful in operations with no mobile network.
  • Hacking Apps:  You are spying and you can do lot more by hacking suspect's phone and network, there are many apps which will enable you doing this and for different purpose I found useful information on one blog click here to read it.

I will not recommend to go for bundled App as they partially perform or does not Work.
So as per the features I have illustrated above choose carefully the right app and install suitable good app for above individual features.

I have not recommended any individual app as I want to keep my post unique and useful forever and with time their will be more better apps which will be always improving and empowering this features.

So search in your app stores for above features, see their rating and No. of downloads and check them out.

Loosing Data connection intermittently on Android Device. Fixed

I was loosing 3G and 2G data connection intermittently on my Android phone.

It was like, it works for few minutes and gets automatically off. It even drops the data connection on full network.

It was small trick which helped me solve this problem.

What I did was small steps as illustrated below :

Go to System settings

Go to more under wireless & networks

Go to Mobile Networks

Now select Network operators

Now Search Network and select your network manually.

That's it now you will not have that intermittent data connection issues.

Issue Resolved :)

I have not written any thing about 4G as not yet experienced it, but if you have same issue in there too, you can try this similar stuff for 4G as well.

Best Android Browser for Blogger

Solution is for Google's Blogger.

Dear blogger buddies, Just like you all, I also want to blog with ease, I try to always be ready to capture ideas and thoughts, that's why I love blogging using my Android devices.

Some days back I asked one question through my blog and google +  that which browser will enable me to drag and drop inside websites. I asked this as I was facing difficulties rearranging layouts which we can do through drag and drop in windows browser's.

I did not get any answers to that question so far, so I myself tried multiple browsers to check if any of them might help me.

I tried:

  1. Fast
  2. UC
  3. Chrome was already there
  4. Dolphin
  5. Opera
  6. Firefox
No one helped me with drag drop issue.

In quest to solve that problem I found solution to other problem what most of bloggers face blogging on blogger platform and that is difficulties editing HTML codes specially under Template, if you use blogger on Android then you already know what exactly I am talking about.

So while I was trying to fix that trouble I definitely enjoyed solution to Codding issue with blogger.

Credit to help me with that goes to Firefox Mozilla.

Right now at these point of time, with my experience I can say Mozilla Firefox is best browser on Android platform to do blogging.

Read Best keyboards for bloggers

Additional updates:

  • Google chrome is fastest and very smooth browser on Android platform.
  • Latest version of Dolphin browser are equally helpful in editing blogger HTML templates, when compared to Mozilla Firefox.
  • Using Chrome in combination with either of this browser will fulfill the purpose.

New update 11th May 2018.
Try New Edge Browser by Microsoft.
Microsoft is capturing it's market back again.

How to use tethering and portable hotspot. In Google's Android Devices.

There are times you need to send important email to someone or you want to check immidiate online update, or you are waiting for something and do not have anything to do in your free time but you can use internet on smartphone,  again your data pack ran out of balance.

In all this situation what if your friend or family shares his/her data connection with you through wifi hotspot and open thethering network for you.

What is Hotspot and Tethering?

Hot spot is the feature introduced in android devices with android version 2.2 and above. Which enables and empower smart phones to act like wifi router/hotspot/wireless network small server and connect with Wifi devices. Useful for sharing data connection, printing and connect to various wifi devices.

How to to set it up ?

For this you need to go to Settings page and you will find below options:

Once you are in this page you have to select more in that page you will have below option:

Now goto Tethering and portable hotspot.

Check the box next to it or turn on the button next to it depending upon Android version.

For example in above image Marshmallow and Android one have this option:

Now go to hotspot settings.

In there you will have two options one to select under security as shown in above image, the option already selected is WPA2 (PSK)which password access protocol, which is security parameter that means whatever device wants to share your mobiles resources must have protected access to it which will be permissible by you using password through this protocol. So set whatever password you want and activate WiFi on the other device and search for wireless network it will show the name of network as in above image, you can change and keep it as you wish.

Now second option is None as in above image. If you will select this option your connection will become opent to all and anyone can access your phones resources without your knowledge. So this option is not advisable at all.

This is about Smartphone's Hotspot & Tethering.

Lava Pixel V1 New System update is over air today received message right now.

Just now received message about the Android System update. Was hoping to get the Android 6.0.1 but seems like for that I have to wait more, I knew that is just out for Nexus users right now.
I upgraded to Marshmallow but it still says Android one update don't know why.

For: How to do Lava eligible mobiles Marshmallow update click here.

For: How to manually check Android updates click here.

So what's in this update let me install it and tell you.

So working on it now and get back to after completion.

Did it but Marshmallow still same 6.0 and questions remain the same for why I am still receiving Android one lollipop updates ?

It was update, stating security fix and bug fix updates.

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