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3-in-1 Windows Hello Fix, Windows Hello Setup Greyed Out, Windows Hello Error: Something went wrong & Windows Hello Domain Logon Fixed.

First issue, Unable to setup Windows Hello and getting error Something went wrong.
You may come across this error and may report that you are unable to setup Fingerprint logon using Windows Hello feature.
The fix for issue as I identified was very easy though no one really posted it on line or you can say you may find the fix for this issue but not in one single fix.
How to fix:
First, need to check the version of Windows 10, to check it you need to Hold the windows key + R so that it will pop up the RUN box.
In that run box type in WINVER to check the version, I bet it would be 1703 because I found this issue mostly on this version.
Once confirmed do the Windows 10 In place update. Bring windows to 1803 or later version.
Once update done you will face another issue that now that setting up Fingerprint option itself is grayed out.
But no need to worry we have perfect fix for it.
So, this post is really 3-in-1 fix, second issue is what to do if Windows 10 Hello Fingerprint setup is grayed out as in below image:

Unable to set Windows Hello Fingerprint Setup after upgrading the Windows 10 Pro to Version 1803 spring update the option to setup is grayed out as can be seen in the image above.

Identified the fix after having much search that the problem indeed was in registry glitch which just needs to be fixed.
How to Fix:
Need to open REGEDIT using a WINKEY + R in run box.
In there go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > SOFTWARE > Policies > Microsoft > Windows > System
Remember that it may be possible that sometimes you may not find the Key System under Windows registry hence you may need to create the system value manually.
To do that right click Windows > New > Key Name new key as System.
Now on the right hand side column you will find registry String value named "(Default)" Now just right click it and select Modify and just copy “AllowDomainPINLogon”=dword:00000001 under Value Data after this just restart the computer and you will find that now you are able to setup the Windows Hello Fingerprint Logon.
So this Article was indeed 3-in-1 fix because we resolved Windows Hello Something went wrong issue, then we fixed Windows Hello Fingerprint Setup Grayed out issue and Finally while doing all this we also fixed the 3 issue which is Windows Hello Domain Login with Fingerprint issue.

Play PC game with Amkette Evo Gamepad Pro V2 | Windows 10 |

This time the Techy question comes to me by kid, and it was AMKETTE EVO GAMEPAD PRO2 will it work with his laptop!!!
First tried to search for the internet and found there were people strongly denying and saying “no it will not” But I found YES IT WILL WORK. 😊
Played same games which I played on Android device without any problem.
AMKETTE EVO GAMEPAD PRO2, just works like a charm on the Microsoft Windows 10 platform. Just like it did in the Android phone.
Just like means JUST LIKE that means as not all the game were supported by Gamepad in Android device in same way not all the PC games will work with the Game Pad.

Now let me show you how I made it work. (No rocket science you just had to figure out it in your computer.)
STEP 1 -
First connect your game pad to the device using Bluetooth. Hope you already knew it if not the below are the steps: 
Right click on the Bluetooth icon under hidden Taskbar icons and select Add Bluetooth Device.

No Click on the Add Bluetooth Device as in below image:

If it gets connected properly you will see something like in below image:

Have you Noticed that the Windows 10 Recognizes it as a Gamepad in above image?
This was something which really motivated me that it should work, so how to make it work!

Now let me show you how I found it first to be working.
On the Bluetooth & other Devices page where we are on the same page just scroll down and you will find the below options under Related Settings among them select Devices and Printers highlight in yellow in below imag

Now you will find your new page like in below image: 

Now Right Click on the Amkette Evo Gamepad Pro v2 select Game controller settings  as highlighted in Below Image:  
Now click on Properties as in below image: 
Now find the below options and believe me this game pad is working on the PC as well at least I tested on Windows 10:
Now click on the Settings on the Top and the click on Calibrate: 

It will bring up the Game controller calibration Wizard:

Click on Next to calibrate your man D-Pad on left, move it on the all the direction and then click on the D-Pad’s centre button to get through it, just like the instructions in below image.

Follow the instruction further and calibrate the right D-Pad as well which will appear as Z-Axis calibration.
So now we are done with setting up our Game controller.
Now let me show you that it is also working inside the game while playing Prince of Persia:

Now I believe you exactly know how to make it work and use Amkette Evo Pro Game controller V2 joypad,  and the issue is Fixed.

Remember one thing it was built for Android still you cannot play all the game using it on Android phone in same way you may find lot of games will not have option to give your Gamepad exclusive controls. 

Note: If you are looking for drivers for Amkett Evo Gamepad Pro V2 then you don't need one, because Driver for this gamepad is in digital signed library of Windows 10 it will automatically pick it up.
This is my first blog post using computer and using video, last 4 years of continuous effort to make world more easy still not doing  great but hope soon things will turn out to be just fine.

Unable to uninstall Office 365 | Windows 10

Have you ever came across the situation where you exhausted subscription of MS Office 365 and now you want to get rid of it in Windows 10 but you really don't find it installed on your PC anywhere.

To ensure you went to Apps and feature under settings you tried and searching for it there was no MS office 365  but you may find get office you removed it still you find Office apps, so now you may have thought about traditional control panel program may have it so we tried searching for Appwiz.cpl (type in Cortana) and open it try finding MS office here if found you can remove it from here.

If you still don't find it then, in that case, go to Apps and feature under settings again search for Microsoft Desktop office App uninstall it now you will not find office anymore on the computer.

The reason you were not able to find the MS office 365 was that office 365 is cloud-based service from Microsoft so what MS did instead of putting in the whole package the simply installed small client App Office Desktop on your computer which was just making you feel that you were enjoying full featured pack version of MS office 2016.

Reliability History | Windows 10 |

A very useful Windows Operating System tool  "Reliability History". Operating System issues will occur sooner or later on your computer may be because of Hardware, Software, Malware or Registry glitch et... Fixing these problems is always a simple task, but you need to first understand what is causing the issue. So one of the very helpful tools is "Reliability History" it is a very user-friendly tool to understand what happens when there was any Critical problem, normal Error or some important Information was prompted.

Reliability History is a part of the Windows operating system since we had Windows Vista. 

Reliability Monitor is nothing but shorted and user-friendly version of Event Viewer, whereas Event Viewer is more complex you need to scroll all the way up and down to check the information you are looking out for, and if you use it in combination with Reliability history it will be more easy to use. Reliability history offers a very friendly interface and it allows you to find specific errors easier. Since this tool is simple to use, today we’re going to show you how to use it to troubleshoot problems on Windows 10. Checking reliability history on Windows 10 is rather simple, and in order to do it, you need to follow these steps:
Method one, Opening using Run box fastest way but you need to remember the command:

  1. Press Win key + R to open the run box.
  2. In Open blank space in Run box type in perfmon /rel then click enter or click ok to run it. 

Method Two, Using the Cortana/Windows Search box the easiest way. 
  1. Click on Cortana/Windows logo/Start Menu or Press Windows Key + S and type Reliability. It will show you Reliability option on top.
  2. Select View Reliability History from the top.

Lastly, you can start Reliability Monitor simply by navigating to the Control Panel. To do that, do the following:
  1. Press Windows Key + X or right-click on Windows logo/Start Menu to open Win + X menu. Choose Control Panel from options.Right click start menu windows 10
  2. When the Control Panel opens, navigate to the System and Security section. 
  3. Now navigate to the Security and Maintenance.
  4. When Security and Maintenance window opens, expand the Maintenance section. Now click on View Reliability history.
Reliability Monitor has a very simple interface, so even the novice users would be able to use it. 

The main window will show you a bar graph that shows your system day to day history(it picked data from Event Logs). As per the events, it also rates the system's stability ranging between 1-10. If the system is running smoothly without experience any problems, hangs or crashes in a few days, your stability graph will gradually increase. If it is low then it will provide you information about what is causing it, you need to study it and fix it. 

In above graph, you can see different Red "X" and Blue "i" marks are there, which shows noticeable event had occurred  The red X critical event icon appears if the system encounters a critical event, and it was logged in system event log, the Critical event refers to system crash, power failure or application crash.
In above graph, we do not have any warning sign but there are also warnings represented by a yellow triangle, that means when you were taking specific action system had warned you about the same through warning prompt. Lastly, there are information icons available. These icons appear if you install an update, application or a driver successfully.

The sooner you understand these icons you will become the expert in understanding the underlying problems with the Windows operating system and an expert to troubleshoot the issue. 

Some other day, in some other post I will explain how you can make it more efficient using in combination with Event Viewer.

Error: Not Supported processor type | Windows 10 |

Error while installing Intel 520
Are you getting Error that “This installation package is not supported by this processor type. Contact your product vendor.
Don’t worry there is nothing wrong with the machine and the software you are trying to install. In layman’s terms, I would say it is just a Windows 10 problem that they have started labeling the drivers and your computer needed an upgrade of Windows to required build or version which will match up or exceed the labeled version on the driver, you can check Windows 10 version typing “WINVER” in Cortana search.
If you want to understand it technically below is an example:
Starting with Windows 10, version 1607 (Build 14310 and later), the format adds a new part in the INF file: the [BuildNumber] part. That means that it started to define the build number of the Windows version when installing the drivers. Soon after, Intel and VMware have started to adopt this new technique and also add the [BuildNumber] part into the installation information.
So you will find this issue most of the time while installing Intel HD 520, 530, 630, 620 graphics drivers or VMware software package on Windows 10 platform :

Error Processor type not supported
Just update the windows to latest Build 1803 spring updates.
You can manually check the updates already performed click here to know how.
You can search in Cortana “update” and on top you will see “Security and Updates” select that now select check for update in windows 10 operating system.
If you find a problem or finding difficulties then you can definitely update the windows to 1803 or later version by shortcut method by going to “Media Creation Website and selecting update now.
Issue explained and resolved.

Unable to install chrome. (0xc0000005).Click on OK to terminate the application | Windows 10 |

The application failed to initialize properly(0xc0000005).Click on OK to terminate the application.

We identify that due to some glitch you may some time would be unable to install the chrome or run google chrome on your computer. 

We have easy fix for you to get this issue resolved. 

When every you are getting this error while running a program or installig a program easy fix is to create the shortcut icon of that application.

Once you create the shortcut icon go to the properties of that shortcut, you will find the target location in there just add -no-sandbox at the end of it and then run the program. 

For example : Target is "C:\Windows\Progrmfilesxx\xxxx\xxxx\chrome.exe" then your have to make it :

Issue fixed. :)

Ryzen CPU unable to load Windows. |Fixed|

Below are the Symptoms and Troubleshooting steps in regards to the issue with RYZEN CPU:

* At the first time startup user may report that the system is restarting to Blue screen.
* System stuck at Manufacturer logo.
* After System Manufacturer logo system is going to blank screen.
* System is in the loop or continuous restart.
* Symptoms reported after Power Failure which corrupted the Windows Power Kernel and took it to recovery.

*Go to BIOS page under Performance disable AMD Hyperthreading and AMD Turbo Boost & TPM.
* Go to F12/ One Time Boot menu and select Windows boot Manager manually and boot it to windows and update the windows to RS3 or above.
* If unable to boot into Windows, create lates MCT media and from Media creation tool website and load it. (links mentioned at bottom of the page.)
* Update to latest BIOS Version.

Case study:
We identified that the high failure rate on Ryzen CPU. Especially with the users having OOB Experience which is out of box experience.

There is no real problem with the Ryzen CPU as such as per my findings.

I found that the issue is with the OEM version of OS sent along with the system.

Issue identified with the preloaded OS Windows 10 Redstone 2.

Sooner you will update it to Windows 10 RS 3 Fall or Windows 10 RS 4 Spring update the better.

Now I will explain why I think it is the RS2 which is the root cause of the issue.

We identified the same issue on some early Kaby lake processor where RS 2 was booting into "Recovery Page" It was blue in color and had Big Recovery written over the top following the message and at the end, the message was Retry recovery or skip.
Here we have to select the option to boot into windows by Entering to Retry and in some computer ESC to skip the recovery.
Cause once It reaches the windows can be later taken care of by BIOS update.
We found the same symptom on this systems, system booting to the windows and later getting the Recovery page where Users selected Retry Recovery and that caused the OS boot issue.
Especially in my case the users had Windows 10 DVD which was taking a long time to reload and they became impatience and that was not helping fix the issue as we already discussed RS2 and that was no fix.
So we created Media Creation tool as we discussed in our previous Blogs how to use that and helped the users to reload the RS3.
Through this method, we have successfully resolved the issues on the most of the system in the southern region.
It was clear scenario of where we were facing issues with the no boot issues.
Now we found some users who reported to be getting no post(Systems stucked at the startup) issues on this systems.
When we drilled down we found this some users were in huge numbers.
When narrowed down the issue identified that 90% of this users just had same no boot issues and they just got stuck on or after post screen.
Infact assuming that could be issue with motherboard or RAM we tried replacing them but reaching the user's location identified it is not at all the problem but just the Operating system is not loading. Once we reach at customer place it was easy for us to explain them the problem and providing them fix demonstration. Which really helped making users aware and fix their issues.
What we did. We tried keys for One-time boot menu and the Diagnostics or entering the BIOS we were successfully able to reach there.
From the one-time boot menu, we started the computer into windows by selecting windows boot manager and it took us to windows.
From there we did the BIOS update and the update to the latest build of windows to resolve this issue.
Issue has been fixed and we are not facing any problem with our users in regards with the Ryzen CPU.
You may find the issue that you are not able to boot from USB and DVD on a system with Ryzen CPU because the option in the boot menu is not visible for USB and DVD drive, we have the good working fix: Disable TPM from BIOS and then try. Thanks, CJ for this fix.
Important links:
Note: Whenever you fix this issue following it update the Bios and Windows as soon as possible.

Remove phone number from Windows TaskBar

Some times you may find someones phone number sitting on your windows 10 Desktop Taskbar and you want to get rid off it.

  1. Right-click Taskbar
  2. keep mouse over Toolbars
  3. Uncheck toolbar with telephone number.

That's it you will not get that number displayed any more on Taskbar.

Diskpart Command to make bootable USB Windows10 Media

ReAnRoid - OS Help
May 10, 2018

Manually creating Windows 10 ISO which never fails with UEFI  and Secure Boot On.

I will quickly take you through the Diskpart Command to make Windows 10 bootable USB drive.

To Run Diskpart Command first, you need to get into Command prompt with admin rights.

The shortest way to do it is to hold Windows key+R key to the open run box in run prompt type CMD and then press CTRL+Shift+Enter to enter command prompt with admin rights.
Now in their Type

>List Disk
>Select Disk <number (note number should be listed for USB under List Disk it could be any number.) Enter the number without <> arrow parentheses>
>Create Part Pri
>Select Part 1
>Format FS=FAT32 quick

Hope you must have downloaded the Windows 10 Latest ISO from Microsoft's website.

Then simply extract all files into USB drive.

Note: To extract ISO you can use Winrar, 7Zip, Windows 10 explorer etc..
Thank you for your visit.

Important link:

Things to remember:
So after making bootable USB ensure keeping Secure Boot and UEFI.

Windows 10 RS3 and RS4 does not support legacy Boot.

Why Windows 10 restarts by itself ? Fixed

Windows 10 Shutdown Auto restart problem.
By: Mr. Ashish J
Windows Issue
Auto Restart

Introduction: Why Windows 10 Restarts by itself?

To resolve this issue, the first step is to understand the underlying cause of the problem. So in order to get to the root cause consider the following situations and act accordingly. to resolve the issue.

BIOS/System Setup Troubleshooting.

  • Is it a setting in computer BIOS?
    • Yes, could be a setting in computer BIOS which may cause this.
    • Check bios to verify.
    • Restart issue concerned to the Power option hence checks power management options in Bios.
In power management inside BIOS check for the options:
Wake on Lan: Wake on LAN will cause the computer to wake up if it is connected through Ethernet/CAT5/RJ45 cable and this option is enable in BIOS hence LAN cable will keep on sending the activity signal and not let the computer to be in the power-off state.
Wake on USB: If any USB device such as External HDD or Printer device which causes USB signals to the computer will also cause system to wake up if from shutdown state so disable this option as well.
S3, S4, and S5: Disable this deep sleep options as they are advanced and cause confusion between Shutdown and Deepsleep with some user hence in order to bypass this confusion disable them.

Now check to shut down the computer and confirm if it resolves the issue.

If not then let's take the control of windows troubleshooting in below steps.

Windows 10 Troubleshooting.

  • Is it some windows settings which might cause this problem?
    • Advanced system settings.
    • Windows Update settings.
Advance System Settings: Advanced system settings of windows could be the one o the possible reason why we are getting this trouble.
To isolate this problem follow these steps to disable the Automatically restart option:
  • In Windows, search for and open View advanced system settings.
    Click Settings in the Startup and Recovery section.
Figure: System Properties window
  • Remove the check mark next to Automatically restart under System Failure, then click OK.
    Figure: Automatically restart check box
Figure: Automatically restart check box
Now Restart and check. If the issue still persists try below Windows TS.
Isolate Windows Update: Check and see in Windows Update for ongoing Windows Update if you find it then make sure to install it:
  • Press Windows Key + I to open the Settings app.
  • When Settings app opens, navigate to Update & security.
    Now in the right pane click on Check for updates button.
  • Windows will now check for available updates. If any updates are available, they will be downloaded automatically and installed once you restart your PC. After installing the updates, check if the problem still appears.
Now check. If you still face the same issue try system Restore on the day it was working fine.
Shutdown with Command
If still not working, then check for restore points when it was working fine and do the system restore.
  • To do the system restore press Windows key+R then in run box type rstrui and click ok.
  • Click next.
  • Select a possible working date and click Restore.
Now check, If still not working then try command by opening Windows key+R and enter command %SystemRoot%\System32\Shutdown.exe -s -t 00 -f
If it works then some issues are there with the way the user is selecting Shutdown button. If you want you can create the shortcut for this.
Intel Management Engine Interface Driver may cause this issue
Some blogs and forums suggest that Intel Management interface driver may cause this issue and confirm you need to open device manager. You can do it by right click on Windows Icon on the left-hand side bottom and select device manager.
In device manager look for System Device and look for Intel Management Engine Interface.
Now right click on it and it will pop small box
In this select Driver tab from top and check the driver version and update it from
Check the power button action
Some users know the only way to Shutdown is pressing power button so far this users you need to set the power button action settings to Shutdown.
Press Windows key+S then in search box  enter power settings . Select Power & sleep settings from the menu.

Click Additional power settings in the right pane.
Set When I press the power button to Shut down. Now click on Save changes.
After doing that, your power button will be configured to shut down your PC whenever you press it. Now click Choose what the power button does from the menu on the left.  Then uncheck "Turn on fast startup option" then save settings as in below image:

Additional steps:
  • Try turning off hibernate by using command : powercfg.exe /hibernate off
  • Try updating BIOS.
  • If nothing works try OSRI

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