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How to enable BitLocker Encryption in Microsoft Windows 10

Hi, Tech Enthusiasts, Welcome back to my blog.

Today we are going to discuss how to enable BitLocker in Windows 10. 

I believe if we are on this page we all know that Microsoft Windows has its very own built-in version of BitLocker.

Before we begin small summary about why to use BitLocker on the computer?

The best reason behind that is: "BitLocker encrypts all the Data in the Drive which is marked as 'Encrypted' by BitLocker, it saves data from unauthorize access, so no one can steal anything from your computer's Hard Drive and data is safe by encryption." -Ashish J.

In addition: "Safe by encryption" means if someone manages to break into your computer or steal your hard drive, still the person will not be able to do much harm if you have BitLocker Protection on your computer."

Now we are going to discuss enabling Microsoft BitLocker Encryption.

First, The important feature is Setting in BIOS, the setting name is TPM which means "Trusted Platform Module which is a basic requirement for BitLocker. 

If TPM is not on you will get below message in Windows 10 PRO: 

And in Windows 10 Home you will not get Encryption option at all. 

To enable TPM we need to get into computer BIOS, there are always some magic keys like ESC, DEL, F2 etc.. depending upon the manufacturer of the computer motherboard.
Source and Credits to Intel Visual BIOS.
In BIOS you may find it under security in most of the computers, it will show as either one of the following:


  1. TPM 2.0
  2. TPM 1.2
  3. PTT(It is also TPM 2.0 but through Intel Firmware)
Need to enable it and now you just need to start the computer into the windows and now in Cortana type in encrypt and you will find the option.

To enable the bit locker just click on Cortana and type "encrypt" and on top of it, you will get the option to enable the boot locker.

It may say "Enable Drive Encryption" (HOME windows 10) or Manage BitLocker (Windows 10 Pro, will have more options as well) or you may not get any option on top because one of the important features is not turned on prior to encrypt the HDD.

Now just select "Turn on BitLocker" and the system will encrypt the HardDrive.

Depending upon the type of Hard drive and system performance it will take time to encrypt the Hard Drive. 

You may find a performance issue while the encryption is on because when the encryption is on the operating system gets the additional task to perform. 

Additional useful information and their sources: 

Error: Not Supported processor type | Windows 10 |

Error while installing Intel 520
Are you getting Error that “This installation package is not supported by this processor type. Contact your product vendor.
Don’t worry there is nothing wrong with the machine and the software you are trying to install. In layman’s terms, I would say it is just a Windows 10 problem that they have started labeling the drivers and your computer needed an upgrade of Windows to required build or version which will match up or exceed the labeled version on the driver, you can check Windows 10 version typing “WINVER” in Cortana search.
If you want to understand it technically below is an example:
Starting with Windows 10, version 1607 (Build 14310 and later), the format adds a new part in the INF file: the [BuildNumber] part. That means that it started to define the build number of the Windows version when installing the drivers. Soon after, Intel and VMware have started to adopt this new technique and also add the [BuildNumber] part into the installation information.
So you will find this issue most of the time while installing Intel HD 520, 530, 630, 620 graphics drivers or VMware software package on Windows 10 platform :

Error Processor type not supported
Just update the windows to latest Build 1803 spring updates.
You can manually check the updates already performed click here to know how.
You can search in Cortana “update” and on top you will see “Security and Updates” select that now select check for update in windows 10 operating system.
If you find a problem or finding difficulties then you can definitely update the windows to 1803 or later version by shortcut method by going to “Media Creation Website and selecting update now.
Issue explained and resolved.

Google Play Store not working with error : Pending Download - Fix

Pending download, update or cannot connect to Google Play Store!

Hi Friends, I just want to let you know that I am out of station away from my family for a couple of weeks.
I found this issue recently when my son called me and told me that he is trying to download Pokemon and getting this error, I told him just the same steps we generally do for Apps lockups. Clear cache and data under Apps settings then select Google Play Store after some time he told me that it did not fix, so here is the simple fix for the issue.
1) Clear the Google Play Store cache in App settings (if you have read the above paragraph you know first two step are waste of time but I recommend you to give it a try).
2) Clear out your Play Store data in App Settings.
3) Uninstall Play Store updates in App Settings.
4) Reset and resync your Google account on your phone.
5) Under App Manage in settings, you will find Google Play Services too, remove its data and cache, now try.
6) Install the latest version of Google Play Services and Google Play Store from third-party mirror link. If Play store still not working.
7) Check for download manager in App Settings clear it's cache and data, ensure turning it off then on.
It will resolve it.
If not you have options like.
Reset to factory, Contact Google or use different App market.
I strongly believe that disabling download manager in App Manager will fix this issue.

Google Android's Screen flickering issue. Fixed

I was facing minor problem with my Android device that while working on it some times it flicker's.
It was noticeable but ignorable, I was thinking could be some problems with HW of my phone.

Then few days back I purchased one inexpensive tablet which was flickering like hell and very slow while playing game like Temple Run, anyhow I immediately returned that device, that time I noticed one thing that the performance was low because tab was big, screen functions were slow because of size of the tablet and even the specs were low so its GPU was transmitting laggy signals to screen and whole tablet was flickering.

In exchange I got different phone.

This experience gave me clue about GPU, I unlocked my developer option of my exchanged phone found option of Disable HW Overlay,  Thanks to Android that there was line below it explaining what it will do if playing around it, so as it was CPU to GPU rendering I disabled it to not let Android OS confused with selection of visual transmission to Graphic processor  OR Main Processor. 

I remembered this concept from my experience with computer where system was flickering because of confusion between on board GPU and added GPU where both were enabled. In year 2011 when Intel introduced widi in market which was bundled with high end graphic card.

Same concept worked here and disabling that option worked for me.

So are you also facing same issue try this:

  • Go to settings
  • Go to Developer Options, if it is not listed there the check this Unlock Developer OptionsOptions
  • Go to "Disable HW Overlay" and check the check box there, that's it. If you are using Android Marshmallow turn on the button like in below pic.
  • Now OS will not confuse itself and flicker, instead it knows that it has to send visuals to GPU.

Issue resolved :)

You comments are most valuable feedback to us.

Browser Google Chrome Error: "No SD Card"

Description: I have tried downloading PDF file from a website using Google Chrome Browser and it is giving me error "No SD Card", tried friends mobile got the file transferred through Bluetooth all well but found that Chrome is not working anymore to download files. Whereas I have sufficient space in my SD card and internal Phone Memory.

Solution Steps tried:

1:) Checked space and did unmount remount of SD Card. no go.

2:)Cleared cookies, browsing history and Privacy. Still no go.

3:) Went to Settings>App>Chrome, deleted data and cache memory. Still no go.

Does anyone has proper fix for the issue?

Note: I don't want to factory reset and uninstall reinstall.

Found resolution.... thanks for nothing.

Problem was not with browser Instead it was with downloader

Check my next post for resolution

Battery Draining very fast after Lollipop upgrade - Resolved

In hope to get new enhanced features we rush into upgrading our Android version and letter find that we areAndroid, English, Smartphones messing up on one thing or other, samething happened to me twice this month, but anyhow I had to do it as I am a blogger and have to experience and feel it :)

What I found was all of the sudden my mobile phone started eating battery and completely draining of in half n hour, I was frustrated and almost ready to give it to service center and just before it tried one simple Step which help resolve the issue and found that battery is working better then before.

Cut the above crap What I did to resolve this problem is :

Go to App Drawer (App menu)>Select Settings >Battery

See what is eating your battery and I am sure it would be Screen on the top!!!

Anyhow it has to be but not more than 15% if it is more then click on it > Adjust power use > Brightness Level > Reduce it to minimum.  Just show me Thumbs up here.

And in addition go to the go to battery again and check if any of the app listed which you do not really use very often and it is using battery more then 3 % then just force stop it there and disable it in App management.

Battery life is awesome now I can write blogs and do hours of research in single charge.

And if above does not help then :(  go for service center.

Goodnews is this if it happened after upgrade it will resolve the problem.

Resolved ☺

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